Urgent question about MD Anderson and medicare

We want a second opinion at MD Anderson but we're aren't sure they will take medicare part B. If you have been there and used medicare would you please respond and tell me if you had to pay any upfront money to get in. I can find out on Monday but you know how it is...we're worrying and it's the weekend. Thanks in advance.

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They cannot refuse medicare but can refuse to acccept "medicare assignment" If that is the case the most, they can charge you is 15% more than medicare would pay them. If they do not "accept medicare assignment" then if medicare would pay $100.00 to them for something, the most you would pay out of pocket would be $15.00. Do you not have "medigap" insurance.?

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We don't have medigap because he only qualified for medicare recently and hadn't chosen a plan. If anyone who reads this is putting that off....please take care of it today because you never know what's around the corner.

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I have AARP medigap insurance. I have yet to pay one PENNY for any of the tests, chemo, radiation etc etc that I have had over the past 15 months.....................M.C.

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They are a state hospital, so I would assume that yes, they take that. I've not ever been asked for money up-front, even with health insurance and co-pays. My local hospital made me pay the $300 co-pay before they'd operate in an emergency situation. MDA has always billed me later.

Try not to worry about the financial side of it. I know it's hard not to, though.



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