Tumor wrapped around windpipe...

I would like to hear if anyone has had any success in treatment for the cancerous tumor, squamous, stage III, that is wrapped around windpipe, pushed against esophogus (sp), and also has large blood vessel going through it? I am not reading or hearing anything about this, and am wondering if it is really a rare thing. Whatever you can offer, don't sugar coat it. I've had all the "sugar coating" I can take, and I NEED TO KNOW. Radiation/etoposide/cisplatin, seven week treatment, very well tolerated, knocked it back to 30% of its size, then, supposedly, although making him very sick, the Alimta "kicked ass" their words, and has had two more alimtas with meds added to help avoid the nausea. A trip to the hosp, again,pneumonia??? dehydration!!---got fluids, antibiotics, and BACK ON STEROIDS. Has been feeling very weak in the legs. Also very short of breath. Had CT in hosp. Called the Dr. to check about meds for the next chemo on 6/19/07, told he probably won't have Alimta but can't remember what they told him it might be, because he was upset , having been told the CT showed more cancer. Also the nurse would not answer questions, said talk to Dr. Tues. Why start something and leave one hanging????? I hope someone can shed some light. Thank you and God Bless Everyone Having this horrible THING and all those taking care of them.

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I'm sorry that you are in a frightening situation.

As a wife, I, too, have been very scared.

Although it's awful to wait for answers, I can see why the nurse was loath to be the messenger. The doctor should have made himself available.

Good luck to you.

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Dear Cathy

This is a terrible disease to fight. You must be strong to help. That means you must take care of yourself so that you can take care of him.

Yes, I have heard of such cases. I have heard of cases where the tumor has wrapped around the pulmonary artery, the aorta, and the trachea (wind pipe).

I hate it when the professionals won't answer question. He needs systemic treatment. I don't have many positive things to tell you, because some of the best drugs are only available through a clinical trial and often they will not allow you participate if you have had radiation within 4 weeks of the trial. If you think he can manage to go 4 weeks without radiation, that the tumor won't grow too much, then I recommend you go for it.

Avoid phase I and II trials. Go for phase III trials. They like patients with good performance statues and who don't smoke or have quit smoking.

Some drugs that might be available thru clinical trials

Cetuximab (Erbitux)

Pemetrexed (Alimta) - you already have tried this...
Small molecule VEGF Receptor TKIs




Also get an oxygen machine at home and put him on oxygen. Complementary medicine, or rather some complementary therapies, really do work. They just work too slowly and right now you need something quick. So as soon as his condition has improved enough, see a complementary medicine doctor. Actually, I recommend a search under "Integrative Medicine". The doctor should be both an MD and a Natural Medicine doctor.

Take care.

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Dear Kathy,

While I am not a non-small cell patient, I do have small cell, and did have a tumor of 3/4" inside the wind-pipe of my right lung and another was squashin' the main artery between heart and lungs causing severe ademia.

The tumor in the wind-pipe was lasered and suctioned out, the other 3 were treated with chemo and radiation.

No sugar coatin' here...I am now 4 1/2 years out.

Wishing very good results for your hubby. God Bless, Ann

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