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Hi Again thanks to all who responded to inquiry of Dr.Chang. I came across a pastor who was telling me a story about a pastor who he works with who was diagnosed with nsclc 4 years ago with tumors throughout his lungs. He decided to go back to Korea to live what was supposed to be a short life. He did go to hospitals in Korea and they told him they felt meds would not work for him. He came across another Dr who told him about this tree bark extract from the Yew tree. Started taking it and is cancer free and feels great. He took no other chemo or radiation.
Is anyone familiar with this? I heard it comes in a powder form and is quite expensive due to the fact that the tree must be like 100 years old. I did find a little on line but I am thinking that if it is so wonderful to rid cancer should'nt we be hearing more about it.
Thanks again

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Dear Patti,
I think this is where the chemotherapy drug comes from, so it is a poison like chemotherapy,and I imagine would have all of the same side effects. I saw this on a television program on Larry King Live the other night. They brought this up about it being a tree bark. So I am sure it is just that, it would work I would imagine just as the chemo drug does, the problem is knowing how much to take.
God bless Sandy

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Yes, it is Taxol and here is the link:

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I wonder if oleander has ever been trialed for cancer, anyone know of this one?

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I was just going to post the same web site as Ellen. My oncologist didn't want me to take any supplements until after chemo and she told me the story of Taxol.


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I have always heard that oleander is extremely poisonous... I am afraid to even plant it around the house even though I love the way it blooms.

Here is a link to what the ACS says about it: ea=ETO

Google cancer and oleander and it will return a bunch of links -

God bless,

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My sister tried that treatment among many other holistic treatments for metastatic breast cancer. Sadly, it did not help her.

Still, I think nutritional supplementation is impt. for all of us.

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Thanks everyone. I am still a little confused on this one. I was kind of hoping to hear from someone who tried it I think this one was called dogbane.
Bless you all

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I have an acquaintance that has lung cancer stage 4 that went to mexico.
she wrote a blog "...The new chemo drug is called Taxotere. Taxotere belongs to a class of chemotherapy drugs called plant alkaloids. more research needed here. Paragragh continues: The taxanes are made from the bark of the Pacific Yew tree. One of the changes in the Mexican diet is to swich from taking 3 pills 3 times per day of Yew tree needles to breathing through a nebulizer an ounce ofYew tree tea 3 times per day and drinking 3-4 cups of Yew tree tea..."
I wrote her but have not been able to get any details unfortunately and I have not done any research.
If anyone does know more I hope to hear about it

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My mom just took round 2 of taxol. It is not working on mets to liver. Also made her very sick

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hi patty:
i know exactly what you are talking about. when my dad was diagnosed we looked into it. it comes from the yew tree (midwest i believe). we spoke to a young man whose dad was dx at same time with same sclc as my dad. they swore that with prayer and this pill (and traditional chemo as well) that the dad was doing wonderfully. i can or cannot say what this man's success was attributed to....but i will tell you that we purchased the pills, showed them to our onc. who was not opposed, but asked that we wait until we finish the clinical trial before using. of course, we waited till the end of dad's illness before beginning these pills. we did not have success with them. my dad passed in january 09. the other man has also passed away shortly after my dad.
and yes, other posters are correct, they use a compound from this tree bark for certain chemos.
I can probably dig up the phone number of the rep who sold us the pills if you want more information. he is based in new york.
message me if you have any other questions.

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Thank you Maria,
I would like that if you could find out. Sorry it did not work for your Dad.
Thanks again

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