Tarceva - does it cause hearing loss?

I would be interested in any information any one has about Tarceva and hearing loss. My husband has been taking Tarceva for over 8 years now. His hearing has been deteriorating over the past few years, and he was recently tested with a mild (approaching moderate) hearing loss. I am wondering whether Tarceva has any affect over hearing and would be
interested in any anecdotal/experiential comments any of you have.


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Have you checked the side effects of Tarceva? If you goggle it they are easier ti read. I have ot heard of anyone losing hearing. I and a few others have mentioned hearing funny sounds and that is a side effect.

Sometimes as we age our hearing (like everything else) can become less than perfect.

Best of luck to you both!


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Thanks, Marie. My husband has been on Tarceva for 8 years -- I say this again for emphasis -- alive after being diagnosed with SCLC 3B/4 -- a miracle in itself. I do know about a lot of side effects, but I was wondering whether hearing loss has been discussed at all because it is plausible.

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