Tarceva & Imodium AD -- Preemptive Use

I'm looking for any advice on using Imodium or any other anti-diarrhea medicines as a preventive aid. I've got a lot of travel coming up -- on airlines and by car -- and truly want to be ahead of any attacks. After ten months on Tarceva I still cannot truly predict a bout of diarrhea. For me it just seems to be more of a cumulative effect of Tarceva and not brought on by any particular foods.

Has anyone figured out a system with the Imodium type of products to prevent diarrhea? Does anyone know how long Imodium can be taken when there hasn't been any diarrhea attacks?

Thanks for any advice.

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This summer I have taken several trips...one was a week long trip to Florida where a bout of diarreah caused me much embarrassment. That was six weeks ago and I have gotten used to reading my body. I take Imodium every morning and it seems to help and I also eat a banana daily. I recently went to Las Vegas for a few days with family and had minimal problems ( I noted where all of the bathrooms were). Made it home after a four hour drive with no problems. I am trying to eat right and listen to my body signals. Good luck to you...travel is a great way to keep a positive attitude.

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It's too iffy to guess how much Loperamide/Immodium to take and getting stopped isn't good either. Also, Tarceva symptoms are cyclical, so what is good one week may be too much next week.

Acidophilus twice a day seems to help make the runs less runny and visits to the rest room it a lot more predictable. I have read this about chemo and thought it might work for Tarceva, and it seems to.

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I carry my "kit" with Immodium where ever I go. Tarceva effects do work in cycles, so when ever I am traveling I take 2 before the travel starts. Mornings are usually the worst. But your body can give you enough "notice" to cover most of the problem.
It is part of the routine....

Keep the spirit,


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ME 2013

Thanks for posting this. A subject that is not often discussed, but a definite problem.

I also have this issue when traveling. Usually if I know I am coming up to a long trip with little bathroom availability, I do the following.

The day before I eat very small portions of bland food, and have my larger meal midday and almost nothing at night.

In the morning I try to get up at least 2-3 hours before I have to leave the house. This allows time to 'go' before I leave the house.

For breakfast that morning I have only a banana

I take 1 Immodium before I leave the house and another 4-6 hours later.

I try to reserve taking the immodium for only when I really need to.

Also don't know if it is just me, or Tarceva in general, but as an example, if I get the bout of the big "D" first thing in the AM, it is usually just 1 quick (but bad) bout and I am then clear for a good 6-8 hours unless I eat something that makes it worse.

I do have to watch what I eat because there are lots of things where I know it will definitely cause the D.

I haven't had any embarrassing moments yet, but I find I am starting to get very paranoid and have even thought about breaking down and getting some adult diapers for these situations.

Again good post.


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Thank you all so much for responding! I am going to start experimenting with the options mentioned prior to my travels so that hopefully there will be some reliability to predicting when a bathroom will be necessary. I truly appreciate the posts.

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