Tarceva and biotin

I started taking biotin 3 mg a day about a month ago and my hair and nails have improved tremendously.
My concern is whether or not biotin might interfere with the efficiency of Tarceva since they use the same pathway.
I asked this question on cancergrace and got this response from a pharmacologist at the University of North Carolina:

Sorry for jumping in late on this, though it looks like Certain Spring beat me to the punch by listing the Memorial Sloan Kettering herbal database that I use reguarly for checking interactions.
In terms of Biotin and Tarceva, it does not look like there would be a formal interaction expected in terms of how the drugs are broken down in the body, though based on absorption issues seen with antiseizure medications, I would recommend separating the two by 12 hours (take Tarceva in the AM and Biotin in the PM or vice versa) just to ensure the Tarceva is getting absorbed into your body. In terms of what we would call a pharmacodynamic (what the drug is doing in the body, specifically blocking EGFR) interaction, this is harder to find. In addition to being a stand alone supplement, biotin is often used by chemists to conjugate or connect proteins for biochemical assays and this is sometimes used in drugs. So, a search for “biotin” is going to pull up some investigational drugs that may work by blocking EGFR. Whether Biotin alone specifically blocks EGFR is harder determine and I have not been able to reliably verify this.
I cannot find anything on Biosil so cannot provide a recommendation.
One of the biggest challenges with herbal products is their lack of FDA regulation and data on drug interactions. Though we can look at the metabolism/break down of the of the herb itself, we can only speculate in terms of amount that is actually contained in the herbal products along with other substances that may or may not be listed and whether THOSE substances may interact as well. It has freqently been reported that when herbal products were tested, the wrong amount of listed ingredients was found along with substances not listed on the bottle. Again, this comes from lack of FDA regulation. My rule of thumb is to be cautious and consider risk vs benefit.
Sorry I could not provide more solid advice,
Dr. Walko"

I followed her advice and have been taking it 12 hours after Tarceva, but I still have this haunting feeling that it might interfere with Tarceva.
Anybody have any experience with it?

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Have you tried calling the Tarceva hotline? They might be able to answer your question.
Take care, Judy

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Yes. I called them. They don't have a clue.

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I am having hair loss and read that biotin is helping you. I too am afraid of interaction with Tarceva. Do you have any more info.?

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