Tarceva and Alcohol

Every once in a while (perhaps twice a week) I like to have a drink (vodka/rocks) My Onc says this is O.K. Does anyone have an opinion about this?


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Hi Gary,
I am on Tarceva and I drink a few nights a week. The doctors don't particularly like you to drink but I have not had any problems. Good luck!

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Hi Gary:
Not sure what the Onc would say but I occasionally will have a glass of red wine. I am careful about it since I don't want to add to the acid in my stomach from the Tarceva. Maybe I will ask at my next appointment. We probably all should.
Love to all,

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I read somewhere that a glass of red wine or glass of beer will stimulate the appetite & is an "okay" thing to do if it appeals, sounds good & tastes good. Bil will have a glass of red wine about 3 times a week, depending on the dinner menu.

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Interesting that I went off alcohol completely when I started Tarceva, then I read that it was being used in off label settings to treat alcoholism!! Hmmmm. Both Tarceva and alcohol are cleared by the liver so I think the watch word is moderation, check the bilirubin trends on the blood test results, moderate Tylenol and similar drugs and enjoy a cocktail if you desire one! Mac

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My husband's doctor told us that drinking is okay as long as it is in moderation and just not over do it while on Tarceva. My husband actually feels better after he has a few of his favorite drinks which is brandy and coke. We haven't seen any problems. He just doesn't get wasted like he would like to as he did before. Lol. I guess that is a good thing tho!

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Thanks everyone.. moderation seems to be the conventional wisdom. I will only have one drink every once in a while....

Best wishes to everyone


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