swollen feet and ankles

Is it normal for your feet and ankles to swell when you have cancer? He hasn't had any chemo or radiation yet. Will they do chemo and radiation Monday if his feet are swollen? I have got his feet up. He has never had this problem before. I checked his sugar and it is 169. Would that do it? Blood pressure is normal.

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I would call you docs office and let them know and then head to the ER. Very possibly this could be the result of a blood clot.

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Yes blood clot, kidney, or heart issues!! Good luck!!

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I agree....

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Taking presribed steroids will give you puffy feet and ankles as well as the 'moon face'.

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Hi all

I have swollen feet & ankles, went to GP with this problem, GP requested a blood test, the results came back fine, although showed slight enemia (hardly suprising as I'm on Chemo) I was prescribed Furosomide 40mg water tablets, (these don't seem to as much as I expected?)

Saw my Onc, she said swollen feet/ankles is a result of the Chemo & Steroids, (I think mainly the steroids)
She said she would reduce the strength of my steroids for my next chemo session, which would help.
Big cushions under feet in bed at night helps a lot, keep feet elevated.

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He has been on predisone for a while. He has an appointment for blood work in the morning, before he takes his first chemo and then he takes radiation.

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Steroids are notorious for causing swelling.
Mention it to your doctor, though.

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