Sweating on one side of head

I have a tumor high in the apex of my lung which I'm receiving radiation. I started sweating just on one side of my head. Also my right hand is always cold but not the left. My oncologist tested my eyes for Horner Syndrome and they were find. Does anyone know any other causes of this sweating. He is sending me to a neurologist, and I'm scared to death that the cancer has metastisized the brain. Anybody have any ideas?

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Could it be pancoast syndrome since you have a pancoast tumor? PS is similiar to Horner's.
Take care, Judy

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That is so strange as that is what happened to me. The surgery I had was on the left side and I only perspire on that side. It is the strangest thing. I never used to perspire, but this just drips. My right hand too is always cold, but then I just found out I had a blood clot in my neck and into my right arm.


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In Horner's you will sweat on the side the tumor is on.
In Nard's case he would sweat on the left side. (his was on the right) The onc and the hospice nurse calls what Nard has is "Tumor sweats". Both said it was very common.

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I have a pancoast tumor in my right lung. I also have Horner Syndrome which is common with pancoast tumors. I sweat only on my left side, my face gets flushed only on my left side. My right arm is sort of numb because the tumor is hitting a nerve. My right eye also droops because of the Horner Syndrome.


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In Horner's Syndrome from tumor, it is caused by pressure on the sympathetic portion of the nervous system, Usually the Stellate Ganglion of the neck.

This diminishes the drive for perspiration on that side, thus the opposite side perspires.

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Thanks everyone for your input. But I don't have a pancoast tumor. My doctor also tested my eyes for Horner syndrome and they were normal. He didn't know why I have sweating on one side. I'm going to a neurologist tomorrow and I'm scared to death.

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