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I've heard that a new, super Tarceva has been developed. Anyone know anything about it? I am now on 100mg dose, which is permitting me to have a more normal life. I was taking 150 mg dose, which made me almost comatose. The smaller dose is better. I had a CT done last week and am getting the results today. Will find out whether the Tarvceva has even working.
On another note, food has been a problem. I got my appetite back----with a vengeance. But many of the things I like to eat, don't like me. What kinds of food/recipes are you trying? Any suggestions will be welcomed.

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Hi Ellen,

I have read here that they are working on another Tarceva to be used when our Tarceva stops working for us. I wonder if that is the SUPER TARCEVA.....HMMMMM?

Best of luck on your scan results today. Let us know how you are.

I like a balance diet. I eat everything in moderation. Sometimes I can not handle fresh veggies. Other times I can eat an orchard! I still enjoy beef, chicken, fresh grilled fish. Try to watch sugary treats. Once in a while I like a dark chocolate candy bar.


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Maybe that is referred to those third generation EGFR drugs that are currently under CT.

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I've found that the ethnic foods I used to enjoy so much are no-no's now as anything spicy now doesn't work well. I can eat almost everything else & I'm currently on the 150 pill. Red wine doesn't work anymore- it has a burning sensation, but a CVS specialty pharmacist said white might work and also said to try gin & tonics! I'm not a big drinker, but do enjoy a glass of something every now and then. I know nothing about a next gen. Tarceva but am very interested.

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I might guess that afatinib is closest to approval. Either that, or maybe something else not as far along in the development pipeline from the same company that gave us Tarceva.

Best hopes,

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Has anybody come across an article or reference on some agent reffered to as "Super Tarceva"? It would be interesting to see if this a reformulated compound versus a "nickname" (possibly in the case of Afatinib). I have come acoss the term Super Tarceva more than once in postings on the Inspire blog.

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In any case, it seems an ambiguous term, not a proper noun.

I noticed that long ago some people used that term for 2nd generation EGFR inhibitors because they were stickier than the Tarceva or Iressa, but 3rd gen ones are the ones needed to overcome T790M resistance to Tarceva.

Best hopes

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