Still have mass after chemo/radiation, cancer or scar tissue?

Just wondering if anyone was left with a mass after chemo and radiation? My dads oncologist (both medical and radiation) see a mass but both agree it might be scar tissue.

We will not get another CT/PET scan for over 2 months and its driving me crazy that something is still there.

Has anyone had this happen and what were the results?

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My husband was told by a radiation onc that once you had radiation to a tumor that you had to get PET scans. CT scans would still show a mass even though it might just be scar tissue. The PET will show if there is any activity. I know it will be a long 2 month wait but hopefully the mass will not light up on the PET Scan.

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I had combined chemo and radiation last summer. The CT scan 7 weeks after treatment ended showed the lymph nodes were resolved, and the primary tumor had shrunk over 90%. However, the primary tumor was originally large, so significant tumor still remained. A PET showed the surface of the tumor was still metabolically active, but nothing like it had been. After 6 rounds of chemo this year (for a recurrence elsewhere), the original tumors are all gone.

Tumors can continue to shrink after treatment ends. Just because some tumor tissue remains now is not a guarantee that the tumor is still alive. It may be dead, and/or it may continue to shrink with time. I know the waiting for the next scan is tough, but it's the only game in town. Try to be patient, and hang in there!

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Hi...I did Chemo & radiation for SCLC limited last year. Pet scan kept lighting up & doctors thought it was dead scar tissue. Went to City of Hope for second opinion and they agreed that it was probably dead scar tissue. About 7 months later cancer had tripled in size. Don't think it ever went away. Now I am Extensive and doing second line Chemo. I've done 7 rounds so far and am staying stable, thank God. Good luck to you, I wish you well.


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This was my situation as well. when mine was found it was large also, stage 111b. I went through treatments, in hopes of removal but because of it's location made it not possible. They suspect that mine is scar tissue as well, but proof whether it is, or isn't puts us having to play the waiting game in between scans. There really is no way to positively rule that out other than the ct-scan, and the pet-scan. When I started out I had scans every 3 months, I've graduated to 6 now, and all have been clear. I was told by my Onc. that no one can say for sure until you pass the 5 yr. mark of clear scans, which is something I know we all hope for. It is tough playing that waiting game, and we all go through it, so know that we are all here for each other empowering one another with hope, encouragement, and most of all support.

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Since the scan was done shortly after treatment ended, waiting 2 months would be about what a normal scan time would be. After treatment is completed, the first scan is normally done 3 months after. And since he's having CT/PET combo, I'm sure they'll be able to tell more at that time. As Squanch said the chemo/rads are still doing their work.
Take care, Judy

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I had a mass the doc was watching it is now been decided it is scar tissue cause there is no sign of growth.

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Wow, this is very interesting. I had a CT scan and had shrinkage - about 40%. My doctor said that the rest of the tumor maybe scar tissue or that the tumor is still dying. She put me on a chemo holiday for 6 weeks and we will do another CT scan to see what is happening. It is hard to play this wait and see game. I thought that when the tumor was gone it was gone, if anything showed on the scan than it was still active cancer. All of this is very hard emotionally. We have to stay the course and be strong.

Thanks to everyone for sharing on this subject.

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My husband's tumor was very large (11x6x4 cm) and there was still a decent-sized mass (though much smaller) when he finished treatment in December. He's had regular scans since (most recently last month) and the mass continues to shrink.

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