stage 4 SCLC

how many people have extensive SCLC and how long since their diagnosis?

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You can search the Members section for SCLC. Over on the right is a section called Members.

Select "More Members". A search window will appear. Select in the first option for Small cell and it will return all members who are caring for or have Small Cell. It is a start. There are about 15 pages of members. If you scroll over there names it will show a small profile.

Hope this helps a little.

The American Cancer Society web site has all those statistics, but they are just that statistics, which we all know are just numbers, and very depressing.

However there is one statistic there to hold on to:

"Despite the very serious prognosis of lung cancer, some people are cured, and there are currently 330,000 long-term survivors. "

Good luck and God Bless

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I'll gladly stand-up and be counted for the SCLC survivors.....almost 4 years since the dx and still a tickin'. When I found the old survivors support site I was just beside myself. I had read and fummed and searched some more only to be really let down.....then along came the" Survivors". Wow, what a wonderful present I had given myself.....people real people who knew and understood my fears, stress and tears. I found myself surrounded with all of these wonderful people who set me straight and put both my feet back on firm ground.....most of the stuff I had been reading was as old as the mountains and some even older. I have met people from all walks of life and each have given me the strength to learn and heal, to obtain an attitude of determination to see myself in the survivors seat , they have given me prayers, hugs and love, they have given me a whole new family, faces unseen but I truly love and care for each of these beautiful friends.
So to answer you question in fewer words.......we the survivors on this site are rewrittin' the books on lung cancer. Those numbers before us don't mean a hill of beans.You are a survivor now and we welcome you to our family......God Bless, Ann

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Oh Ann
I am SO excited--4 years!! Good for you. And thank you for reaffirming the FACT that there are survivors and you are living proof!

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Finally!! You are the one I've been looking for!!! I have been searching for survivors of the SCLC! My mom was diagnosed with a 2.4cm nodule on her RUL. She has her intitial consult with the Onc on Monday. She had no symptoms. She is very healthy, a gym fanatic at 52. She is very positive. I know she can beat it!! They found the darn thing on an accidental x-ray, thank the lord!!
I want to know the longest survivor of SCLC, do you know of any others beside yourself?
So are you cured as of now? Or remission, whatever they want to call it? How do you feel? How did the chemo make you feel? I read your therapy regimen. What made you so strong?


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Dear Angie,
In this amazing world of lung cancer only about 20% are small cell and it was at one time a death isn't now. I do know personally 2 people who have survived for 15+ years.I have been told there are some out there that are even longer timed survivors.( I plan to be a 20 year survivor and see my Dr's babies graduate from college.)As far as my own dx I am as of this minute almost 4 years out. .....I am not sure if one is ever said to be "cured" of sclc.....only stable, which is wonderful. How do I feel? As of this minute better than I have felt in 5 years. How did chemo make me feel? Well, just plain ucky,nausea, diarrhea, tired and drained. I rec'd chemo and radiation therapy at the same time.....had to have transfusions...white ct. was zilt. What made me so strong?....1st. my hubby and I were at the time raising our 3 grand children, I wasn't leaving him to raise those babes alone. 2nd. I was in good health, I too had been going to the gym 3 x's a week and ate well.I do believe this helped me with the fatigue and physical punishment of chemo. I was determined to stay active with the Grands. 3rdly, just good ole southern determination to hang in there and look it in the eye , you gotta' keep your humor , attitude and hope going always. Cry if you need too, but don't let it drag you down. 4th and not the last, it just weren't my time.
Angie, hope this will shine some light on sclc survivors for you....if you have more questions please don't hesitate to "e" me . God Bless you and your Mom, Ann

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Thank you Ann. I know my mom will be strong like you. I am so happy you are doing well. I will keep you posted throughout her recovery for sure!! This site is so very wonderful.


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