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Dad hasn't worked since he was diagnosed Oct 11th as he had a really physical job.

I found out today that under the compassionate allowance rules for SSDI he will be approved automatically for social security disability as he is Stage IV.

I am confused because when I filled out the form it said it would use todays date as his disability date - but it should really be Oct 11th.

Has anyone been in this situation and then received back pay?

Is there an average payment for SSDI? He is wondering how much it is going to be. I know it depends on what he has paid in but just wondering if there is an average.

Also, should he apply early for SSI (he is 65 in November) or wait till he reaches 65?

What a maze to get through, its all so confusing.


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Even after approval, it still takes about 6 months before the first payment is sent.

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I think you should talk to a representative or make an appointment to go to your local office. If you need the number, this may work: 800 772 1213 s-telephone-services

They may go back to the date of his disability, so check with them as soon as possible. Good luck with all of this. Don't wait for SSI to kick in, unless you want to take that now. Which is possible to do. Check and see which would pay more on the annual SS statement they send.

I know it is hard, but the sooner you apply the better. God bless you and your father...

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I just finished going through the process. They asked when I had last worked and I told them 12/08. I think I was approved in less than three weeks. They will only pay back pay for 1 year. I filled out the form on line and also made an appointment with the Social security office and she finished what I was confused about. She is the one who asked me when I last worked. I was actually looking for work up until the last 6 months when it became apparent I wasn't
going to be able to work full time. Your Dad should have been receiving something from SS every year so he could double check that the income that was reported was correct.

On that form they also inform you of the amounts you can draw. 62, 65 (which isn't really 65 anymore and 70.
They also list what you can draw in case you are disabled. I believe that once you reach retirement age your payment switches to the amount you would receive at 65. I am not sure where your Dad falls, but he isn't actually retirement age until right around 66.
Every year this increases until it reaches 67 and then that is the new retirement age.

I would save yourself a headache and see someone at SS. I had a very good experience as well as several others I know who have retired.

And yes he should get back pay to Oct 11.

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I forgot two other things, I received my back pay before I was even informed that I was approved. When I received my paperwork back they told me they are always 1 month behind. So I will receive my March check about the middle of April, and all checks after that would be in the middle of the month. I guess they process them alphabetically by last name.

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We did Steve's on line. I put July 8th the day dx . They called me the next day asked what seemed like a million questions but very nice. His monthly payments
started in Jan. (6 mths. from dx) I didn't file intill Nov or Dec. ((Hugs)) Chris/Steve

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Oh good so its going to be 6 months on April 11 from the day he was first hospitalized and last able to work. So that could mean he gets back pay for 6 months and his payments could start soon?

will1066 I dont think it is the case that is 6months from approval, not with compassionate allowance. Thats what SS told me anyway.

Dads problems are mounting and he now has to move out of his home on top of all this. I am hoping he can get the SSDI quite quickly and then hopefully apply for housing. There is an opening at a 62+ place in his town. The last thing he needs is to worry about where he is going to be living with all this. I wish he could come live with me but I live in another country. This is all so overwhelming I hate it.

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It will all depend on what SSA says your dad's onset of disability is. If you say oct 11 2010, (and they agree) then his payments will start May 2011.

If his medical records, show any sign that he was having issues before the onset date that you say, They can change it.

I told them my husband's onset date was nov 1,2010, SSA changed it and backdated to April 2010.

Thing to keep in mind....
Apply online, it is faster, they will call you, and the money will be in your account before you get an approval letter.
When you apply make sure you apply for SSI also. If he has to wait 6 months for payment, he can get SSI during the 6 month waiting period.

Medicare does not kick in till after 25 months, When it does kick in, make sure you ask about having his medicare premiums paid by the state. This is something a lot of people do not know about.

While waiting for medicare to kick in your dad can get a Medicaid spend down, or full medicaid from the state.

Keep in mind everyone is different, nothing is set in stone when it comes to SSA. but with a statge 3 or 4 Dx his process should be easy.

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He would be eligible for SSDI even without compassionate allowance. I applied online and I'm stage IIIA. I used my first xray date that showed a tumor. When I went into the office, they had me also apply for SSI, which is Supplemental Security Income and can be paid until SSDI is approved. This amount is less. I then started receiving SSDI 6 months later, which is the full amount of what you'd receive if you normally retired. I would check with them on the date, as it should go back to his diagnosis. You can go online and with his SS number check the amount on his wage statement that he will receive. Wishing him the best. Take care, Judy

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Thanks mzlyne. Yes dad is getting full medicaid from the state already. He had no insurance when this all happened and an advocate helped him to get through the mountain of paperwork. They approved him automatically because he was stage 4 and needed brain surgery. I dont know what we would have done without her, there are definitley some angels you meet along the way.

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thanks for that judy i just looked it up for him.

this is all so much to take in. i feel overwhelmed by it all, i cant even imagine how he feels. and now moving out of the house he has lived in for 30 years, its just one horrible thing after another. my dad is the sweetest man in the world, he deserves to be happy and worry free. i cant believe what he has to deal with now it is just not fair.

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Why is he moving out of his house?
Take care, Judy

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My husband recieved 15 months of backpay from SS because they determined his disability began in Sept '07, the month he had VATS surgery. We didn't apply till March of '09 because he had a wonderful boss that continued to pay him even though he worked minimally during that time. We were shocked when we recieved the backpay. Never expected it. His first monthly check came very quickly-I think 6 weeks after we filed. The amount depends on how long he has worked and put into the SS "pot," I think.
Good Luck!

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its a long story really, but the ball was in motion before he got diagnosed. :(

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i am going to finish his application tomorrow on line with him & will let you guys know how it goes. thanks

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