squamous stage 4 lung cancer ( how did you fight it? )

My husband is 46 years old and had bladder cancer in 2007 beat it and now has been told he has stage 4 squamous lung cancer . We have been told to get a port and start chemo NOW ! He is so frail looking and has a bad cough . He is very tired all the time . I have changed his diet and have him on supplements we are reading the keith block book .We are working with a naturopathic doctor also. I am asking what type of chemo has worked for other people with the least amount of side affects . Or what side affects should we look out for? We are in fort worth Texas are oncologist we worked with last time is in Dallas so i am also looking for someone closer to work with us. THANKS

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Dear Zahara,

My best friend Frank had NSCLC Stage IV, also squamous cell. He did Gemzar/Carbo, which kept the cancer stabilized for a period of time. He had very little side effects from this combo, just tired the first week or so, and then during the nader time. Then he did Taxol/Carbo...he was extremely tired from this, felt sick a couple of times, and lost his hair. This combo did not work for him.

You did not say if your husband has any mets and where they are. Also, if he does the chemo he needs to let the oncologist know any all naturopathic medicines/remedies he is taking as many things can interfere with the effectiveness of the chemo.

There is also something called the Cellect-Budwig Protocol. You can either google it or put it in the find it search above and read about it. My friend Frank never did try it, but I've read a lot of good things about it. Not sure, but I think you can follow this and do chemo, but if you decide to try it, check with your doctor first.

Wishing you and your husband all of the best.

Keep a positive outlook, and remember, he beat cancer once, maybe he can do it again!

Take care,

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I have squamous cell stage lV.
I was put on first radiation to shrink the tumors.
then carbo/platin one dose, and had an allergic reaction.
Then placed on Gemzar, which this one did it for me and put me into a remission.
I am at 5 years now from date of diagnosis.
I take no maintenance therapy.
I ate many foods high in antioxidants.
I had no vomting at all just severe fatigue, and weakness.
I also had no appetite, and lost weight while on chemo.
I also developed neuropathies, and my breathing has been one of the big issues I have had to deal with from treatments.
I was on oxygen into about my 4th treatment of chemotherapy.
Not everyone has problems with breathing, I beleive mine came form the radiation so close to the tissue, I have pulmonaury fibrosis from this.
Not everyone gets this.
good luck, and God bless you,

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My husband has squamous cell. He had his left lung removed in May because they didn't see any spread anywhere else. In Sept there were 3 tumors in his right lung. Oct he started carbo/taxol, once every 3 weeks. He will have 6 total. After his 3rd treatment 2 tumors were gone and the 3rd shrunk more than half. He has one more this Tues and they will scan after a bit to see what is there.His biggest complaint is fatigue and his legs get very week and soar a couple of days after. Lasts about 3 or 4 days. Lost his hair but never had any nausea. Slight numbness in his toes, but that always went away before his next treatment.
Good luck,

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I have predominately squamous with some adenocarcinoma and some poorly differentiated.

You may want to look into testing for ALK and EGFR mutations.

The doctors say that the mutations are for those with adenocarcinoma; however, I have the ALK mutation so it is not a hard and fast rule. There are targeted drugs for those with the mutation.

Many of those with the ALK mutation (actually a gene rearrangement) are young , like your husband.

I wish you both the best, and am hopeful that you will find the right combination of drugs for him.


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He is on warfarin blood thinner and pravastatin his blood is to thick . Our oncologist works with the naturopathic doctor or they did before when we battled bladder cancer.
We are doing the Cellect-Budwig Protocol. Thanks to all of you for your help.

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Your best bet is the MultiDisciplinary Unit in the Simmons Cancer Center at UT Southwestern in Dallas. 214 645-HOPE; my husband's oncologist is Dr. Jonathan Dowell. Rather than fragmented sets of treatments, they coordinate all care including chemo, radiation, scans, appointment schedules, prescriptions, dealing with emergencies, and a 24/7 hotline staffed by experienced oncology nurses with an oncologist on call to deal with problems. They use MyChart that keeps track of your lab results, appointments, and allows you to email your physician, who will usually respond within a few hours.

Getting there is not difficult from Fort Worth. Take Highway 30 east to N Hamptonwood Road. After about two miles north, go over the bridge and this becomes Inwood Road; continue north under I35 and Harry Hines Blvd (about 1.5 miles), turn left on Redfield Street, and you're there. It is probably quicker to get in and out at UT Southwestern than some of the less well-organized and less patient-centered facilities that appear to be closer. We meet lots of fellow patients who live west of Weatherford and east of Paris.

Hope this helps you.

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Dear Zahara,

My brother was dx squamous cell carcinoma in Dec 2010. He just started the chemo (Carboplatin + Taxol), the initial results were very positive, he had more than 30% reduction in the primary tumor. Have you done the mutation tests? His was EGFR exon 19 deletion positive. So they were saying he can get onto Tarceva / Iressa for maintenance mode. He is having minor side effects like mouth sores is the biggie for him, some numbness in the finger on legs and hands. He is also taking Erbitux once a week.
Please request your doctor to have the mutation tests done. We will pray for him as well. Prayers work wonders, it will give you peace, strength and courage. God Bless

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Your husband needs to be pain free and comfortable....no matter what it takes. We eat well and mainly organic but it is nice to know the details from a physician and be treated by an oncologist. It is good to have knowledge of what we cannot see. The doctors will give us the best possible insight to what is wrong and the process to correct as much as we may....be it through diet, excercize, rest, medicine or a big hug......it must be addressed and not ignored. Take your husband to see his doctors....cancel fido's hair appointment and skip picking tomatoes today....get him checked out pronto or he may fade away and you will always wonder why. Budwig may be used along with treatments....kill the cancer before it eats your husband up

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