split skin on fingers and hand

In the last two weeks the skin on the pads of my fingers and around my fingernails has started to split. It looks kind of like a paper cut but that wasn't the cause. I have been using large amounts of Gold Bond Ultimate healing skin cream with aloe but so far it hasn't helped much, Any suggestions?

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I too suffered with split finger tips, and very dry, splitting skin on my feet following chemotherapy. I'm now on Tarceva, and that is causing even more problems!
I found smothering my hands and feet in Vaseline (petroleum jelly) each night and wearing cotton gloves and socks did help. I then used E45 cream during the day.
Use gloves when washing up, and avoid perfumed soaps and washes. It does get better,
with love Carolyn
PS The Tarceva induced dry skin is very different. It stings and hurts even with E45 which is designed for eczema and sensitive skins.

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where do you get the E45 cream from?

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This is just a suggestion - treat one finger with Neosporin, cover with a band-aid, and see if it heals up in 48 to 72 hours.

If it works, you'll know what to do. If it doesn't, you aren't out very much.


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My husband suffered the same and used 'Aveeno' hand cream for this problem. When it was very bad, we bought manicure gloves from the pharmacy (drug store, or beauty parlours sell them also) and he would put these on over the hand cream at night and sleep with them on. This helped a great deal.

Aveeno should be available from pharmacies and/or drug stores and you should get E45 cream there too.

All the best of luck to you.

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My husbands oncologist reccommended BAG BALM and udder cream for this problem. The bag balm is greasy so I would wear gloves after putting it on. Good luck. You may have to get the udder cream and the bag balm in a feed store. We live in the country and we found them both at Tractor supply.

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The only thing that worked for me was to cover the cut with Carmex cream and then top it with liquid bandaid (New Skin) and let it dry. The cuts will heal from the inside out.

God Bless

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Before you use neosporin be sure to check out warnings about it online. Here are two links. Bacitracin is an alternative option.



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E45 is available from pharmacies and supermarkets here in the UK.
I was given a free sample by Tarceva manufacturers, in my starter/welcome pack. How thoughtful!
Hope you find what works for you,
with love, Carolyn

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Thank you all so much for your suggestions. Thanks for the link on Neosporin. It was very interesting. A lot of things I didnt know. I will look into all of the info ya'll sent me.

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