Just heard about this...It is a juice made from the soursop plant. I am trying to find out if it can be bought in the US, maybe at an Asian store.
It is grown in Indonesia. Phillipines grow it too and other Aisian Countries.The leaves are popular for tea but it has side effects. I am interested in the plant for the juice only. It kills abnormal cells, but not good cells! I came across a video on He shows you how to make the juice. If anyone knows of a store here, let me know. In the meantime, I have emailed the author of the video. I will keep you posted. Check out the video-"soursop juice cancer treatment" by: Christopher Silverton Thon. You can google lots of info. about the soursop leaves, but be careful ordering anything. You know people will scam you. The plant is your best and safest option for the USA. I hope to find it!

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Not yet, I do think that I will visit a Latino market for frozen Graviola--which is soursop. I can make a tea from the frozen product. Because of regulations, pesticides, etc. it would not be likely that I could get the actual plant mailed to me here in the states; so, the frozen juice would be the next best thing. It also would eliminate the husk and seeds from it too. I will be out tomorrow. Maybe I will try to pick some up and mix up some tea....

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