Just heard about this...It is a juice made from the soursop plant. I am trying to find out if it can be bought in the US, maybe at an Asian store.
It is grown in Indonesia. Phillipines grow it too and other Aisian Countries.The leaves are popular for tea but it has side effects. I am interested in the plant for the juice only. It kills abnormal cells, but not good cells! I came across a video on He shows you how to make the juice. If anyone knows of a store here, let me know. In the meantime, I have emailed the author of the video. I will keep you posted. Check out the video-"soursop juice cancer treatment" by: Christopher Silverton Thon. You can google lots of info. about the soursop leaves, but be careful ordering anything. You know people will scam you. The plant is your best and safest option for the USA. I hope to find it!

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What is your expeirence with it? Have you tried it? I really would like to buy the fruit. I've sent a few emails and am hoping for a response soon. I really don't have anything to loose at this point. I am afraid of the leaves. I read that they can contribute to parkisnon's disease; but not the fruit. Wonder what it would cost to ship the fruit? Thanks for responding.

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Hi girlie,

My dad is taking the frozen soursop and the tea from its leafs. We found the leafs on Amazon, but they can be quite expensive because you will need 7-10 leafs per serving. The parkinson disease rumor may or may not be true. My dad has been taking the tea since last April and he is better than ever. In fact the third day after he quits smoking and taking this tea his cough doesnt produce bloody tinged mucus anymore.

He also is taking the frozen fruit (can be found in asian market in Southern California area), many other supplements, and had chemo + radiation.

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I have ordered many things, but actually worry about the safety and the purity of them, and don't take them. Anything that is shipped from China and similar countries I am afraid of, as well as some other countries. I have received things in bags like ground leaves, etc., and no guarantee of reliability. CurcuminX4000, ground leaves, and I almost ordered fruit pits that have arsenic in them that are supposed to kill cancer cells and not good cells. I am open to suggestions, but I am very suspicious of how safe things are!

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What about Paw Paw ?? Ive read that its the same thing but stronger?

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If I can find the fresh fruit, I can make my own juice. I would think the frozen foods in the Asian markets, would at least have to meet FDA Standards to be able to sell products in the USA. Amazon is a reputible company. They check out their suppliers completely. Thanks for your input. gg

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With all due respect I do not think Amazon checks out their suppliers, although I do a lot of business with Amazon and purchase many things there. I have no reason to think Amazon can verify the authenticity of products nor the safety of them. They sell them. That is it. Many products are shipped from other countries to us that are NOT checked by nor guaranteed to be safe by the FDA. I mean, people can order and ingest any product they wish, but it is at their own choice. Many suppliers say their products are tested. Whether you believe that or not is up to the individual.

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Personally, I am still interested in the fresh fruit. I plan to visit an Asian market and at least purchase the frozen soursop. Because it does kill abnormal cells and not the healthy ones, it enough for me. It is a naturally grown plant. The only way the plant will grow in the USA is in a hot house. I'm on a mission to find someone who will grow me one. Chemo kills both good and bad cells. Soursop don't.

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CristinaIsabella may have a point, Amazon doesnt check the goods because the leaves I bought came from Jamaica. I received what appears to be soursop leaves because far relatives brought me some leaves directly from Indonesia and the Phillipines. I can tell Amazon product is identical.

I also visited an exotic fruit convention in Orange County where a lot of statewide growers promote exotic trees, fruits, etc. I was told that Soursop aka Graviola just wont grow in our Southern California soil even if it is being grown in a green house. You should find someone in Hawaii.

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Thank you LC Misery, I have hope! I can see where the Phillipines and Jamacia leaves would be the same as Amazon. I may have to build me a closet size green house for a couple of plants. I really want the fruit. Can I order the fruit from Hawaii? Any references? If I can grow my own in a green house, I will have fruit. I am a little bit afraid of the leaves because of Parkinson's Disease. I can buy frozen juice at a local Asian Market; but I had rather make my own. Any input is greatly appreciated!! Thank you ever so much, gg

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Unfortunately I dont know where to buy the fruit beside the frozen one here in Southern Cali. Good luck and happy holidays :)

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FYI - a prior discussion can be found here: it/

Best hopes,

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Hi LCmisery, how is your dad doing with the soursop? I thought I would check and see if there has been any benefit in your opinion? thanks, gg

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I am in no way a doctor or medical professional that can advice anyone on the use of Graviola. My comments here are meant to share my experience wtih Graviola Tincture. You should always do your own reaearch and draw your own conclusions.

In researching this I read that Soursop and Graviola are one in the same Paw Paw is different and much stronger.

My husband has been taken taking Graviola in a tincture form for about 6 months. I was told about this at an herb store called Rosemarys Garden in Sebastopol California. They are very reputable and have been in business for about 30 years. I purchase it in the store but I looked at their website and it is not available. Not sure why but I did search and found the same product at amazon here is the link B000MOCO1M/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=

He takes 3 half droppers 3 times a day you mix it 4 to 1 with water. He started with 1 dropper and is working his way up to 4.

Tinctures are a very old and reliable method of ingesting herbs and plants. I would do my own research I read that you should start slow and build up

Here is another link discussing it at length

I hope this helps.

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Thank you India Angel. I am going to a Mexican grocery store to see if I can get the "Graviola" fruit. I want to make a juice from it. There is a video online about making the "Soursop" juice. Thank you for the links. I will check them out. gg

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Soursop has not been studied in humans. You are taking one hell of a gamble. In addition, there are several studies invitro which show soursop can cause Parkinson disease.

I'm sorry to say, there is no magic bullet. When my mom was fighting lung cancer, I did all kinds of research too. You get to the point where you'll try anything.

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Hi, I live in south Florida and I am lucky enough to be able to find it in the Latin supermarkets down here. I have purchased it fresh and frozen and personally, I prefer the frozen brand only because it really is a pain to take all those seeds out and the price of fresh is right up there with lobster tails! The name of the brand is Guanabana (sour sop) by La Fe and the pulp is in individual packages that I take out and add to my fresh squeezed vegetable/fruit juice every day. I do not know if it cures cancer but that is the reason I drink it, (it does taste good too) along with juicing fresh fruits and vegetables. I think I am going to look up the tinctures mentioned in one of the post too because of the pasteurizing of the sour sop though.
I am a firm believer that what nature gives us can help us with our cures along with positive attitudes. I also believe that a lot of cancers are our own doing what with all the fast foods and the chemicals we place in the foods to “preserve and enhance” them, household cleaners, what we use to clean and moisturize our bodies with and the emissions from automobiles….a long list of things we do to ourselves that make life easier for us but in the long run……..kill us! Since my diagnoses of lung cancer I have researched and poked and prodded all over the internet for my quest in surviving this. I no longer eat any fast food at all, rarely go out to a restaurant to eat, eat loads of fresh, raw veggies and fruit, started my own garden and planted some papaya trees, make my own household cleaners (and yep, they do work!) make my own laundry soap, moisturizers for the face and body, color my hair with henna and indigo only and use castile soap for my body soap. Is any of this going “cure me”, I don’t know but I do know that I have done all in my power to make sure it never, ever comes back!

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Could you share any info that might help cancer patients from your research.

As far as magic bullets. The jury is out but some things will give you time. Take a look at the discussion juicing By Ruh.

A different way of perceiving risk.
When the onc tells you: You are sclc stage4 and to get your affairs in order you have 3 months at best 12. Something happens to you and your family. Everyone reacts differently.

For us life took on new meaning. It became an adventure of a lifetime. We embarked on a journey into unchartered territory. No mountain seemed to high to climb, no river to wide to cross. We waved goodbye to so many who were gripped by fear and unable to take the journey with us. New food strange and exotic plants and herbs, yes every adventurer encounters them.
In the pursuit of being able to see another sunrise do you take chances and risks? Absolutely!!! You have nothing to lose, there is no going back, back to what a terminal dx?

What an adventure it has been. We have discovered a healthy way of living and a new way of being. And the view from the new perspective.... Priceless ....

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Informative link about soursop

It is a discussion that critiques a study and discusses some precautions to consider if eating fresh fruit. among other topics

Remember research everything for yourself. Hope this helps.

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I just purchased soursop juice from efooddepot. Try that website. Good luck!

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What did you try and what was the outcome? Have you found anything that worked?

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