Soreness on right side of upper chest

Since Tuesday, I've had a dull ache that started more generally on the front of my chest but has moved to the right side under the arm extending to right above and below the port implant. Last night I could not sit still for any length of time without my right arm aching, so I would have to stretch it for 30 seconds relief. I thought it might have something to do with the port which had been installed back in Oct. 2009, but which I don't use on a regular basis since the first line chemo was dropped in December and Tarceva substituted in it wake.

I went to Urgent Care at Group Health and xrays and blood tests showed no changes in condition. The nurse flushed the port out with heparin and today there is some relief, but still am having problems with a dull ache. As the cancer has shown up on my lower left lobe and in the mediastinum and in a subclavicular node on my left side, I am concerned about any developments on my right side.

The Urgent Care doc recommended an ultra sound Mon if the situation has not cleared up, to check for clots or other obstructions.

This is made somewhat more difficult by the departure of my oncologist from Group Health. I need to select another one, but really don't know who to pick as none specialize in lung cancer.

Have any of you had these sort of symptoms? I'd appreciate hearing from you.

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I've had symptoms of inflamation, pain, soreness come and go where I have pleural effusion from my lower lobe lobectomy that mimic the feeling of infection or injury and were concerning to me. This happened last Friday night (of course) and I took the watchful waiting approach for the weekend. That particular event did resolve with 3 days time. I've never had a port so cannot speak to that, but of course others here will. I'm amazed at the pain I still have from surgery almost a year ago.

I hope you feel relief soon! Please keep us posted,

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A good advice is do not pick any of these oncologist unless they are specialised in lung cancer. It is about survival and you better get this right. Our first was a monster and so was the third one as i think they both were related (UK) the second was a nice Italian beliveing he could survive this. Take care!!



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Always listen to your body. Often you are the only one that can tell if something is off. I had some tiny bit of pain in my right lung over the past two weeks. I thought it was anxiety. If I could just get control of myself....

Turns out it was a collapsed lung. I have since had it surgically repaired. Even in the hospital I had to really pay attention as there were several episodes where if I had not been alert to changes in my body....I don't know if the nurses would have caught a problem.

Keep asking questions and pushing for answers!

Take care,

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Thank you for that Sherri. I was at Group Health yesterday and they did an ultrasound but could find no clots. I've started sleeping on the opposite side of my bed, which makes it easier to sleep on my left side. You see I share the queen size bed with a pair of miniature dachshunds and they like to be curled close to me under the covers. I like to be on the side of the bed as a result, in case I have to get up in the middle of the night and not have to crawl over their warm little furry bodies. So, this seems to have worked well. I'm wondering too if the heparin flush helped as well.

And I made a request of the Group Health oncology department yesterday that I be referred to a lung cancer specialist at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. It's not done very often, but I made the pitch that as Group Health has no one who specializes in lung cancer, that being referred to one would give me a better chance of success because Dr. Martins at SCCA is knowledgeable about the disease, the current treatment and trials. I hope they are mature enough not to be insulted. We'll see.

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