Sodium Levels PLEASE HELP!!!!

Has anyone had experience with lung cancer causing low sodium levels? This has happened several times for my mom. Currently her level is 130 - she has had a lot of problems in the past when its been between 125-132. From what I understand there are 2 ways to increase sodium:

1. Fluid Restriction
2. Sodium-infused IV

Mom had a sodium IV last night with no improvement, trying another one today. Doctors think her fight is over if we cant get it back up, as its causing her to sleep all day and she basically wont eat.

Does anyone know of ANY other treatments for low sodium levels??? PLEASE HELP!!!

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Is your Mom on Chemo? I would imagine that could be a side effect of chemo or some medications?

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I found this interesting when I googled the topic. It came up with a drug called Vaprisol. Sounds like something to ask the doctor about maybe. ing-serum-sodium-levels-well-tolerated-patients-euvolemic-2431.html

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My mom had extremely low sodium levels - she had fluid restricton and sodium IV It took days of Sodium IV for soduim level to rise It is a condition called SIADH my moms levels were so low she was almost comatose it can be very very serious and these levels must rise please research this condition - I wish I had known more about it and how serious it can be Best of wishes to you

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My husband experienced low sodium levels twice during his battle. He was a patient at Sloan Kettring in Manhattan. The first time they put him on a 1 litre a day fluid restriction along with Sat tabs called thermotabs that I picked up at the local pharmacy his levels then were 126. That seemed to do the trick to raise them back to normal. He had a re-occurance after he had radiation to the whole spine. His levels dropped to 111 which is very low. By then we were back in Canada and he was once again put on a fluid restriction of 1 litre a day along with the salt tabs but the doctor 's also put him on an antibiotic that you need special permission to use here in Canada. I cannot for the life of me remember the name. It ws originally used to treat another condition and was taken off the market because it raised the sodium levels in people who had taken it, hense the special permission. this is probably of no help but your Doctor's may know what it was. My husband was never given IV in Manhatten or Here in Canada because I was told here that you have to restrict the fluids going in and an IV adds fluids. I Hope that yyour Mom's levels start to rise. Good luck and God Bless

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Please know that this answer is really crude, but I did get tired hearing that I am dehydrating. I learned to pinch my skin above the wrist as a check and when the skin doesn't snap back immediately, I lick a small amount of salt. No, I haven't discussed it with the doctors, but yes, yes, yes, my sodium is no longer low.

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My Mom recently experienced low sodium levels when she was being treated for her brain met. While she was at the Barrow Neurological Institute, the neurosurgeons there told us that when people have brain issues, it effects their sodium levels. They said most of their patients had issues with low sodium. They put Mom on salt pills and gave her IV sodium for a few days to sort it out. They also restricted her completely from any water, coffee, and tea - but she could have all the juice she wanted. Weird, but it seemed to work and her sodium levels are good now.


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keep the faith -
talk with your doctor - SIADH can be countered in a couple of ways - first, ask the doctor about an antibiotic named declomycin - it sucks as an antibiotic, but it has a marvelous side effect of boosting sodium in the blood - second, talk with your doc about having her eat either a bowl of potato chips (or corn chips) or canned chicken noodle soup a day - they have as much sodium in them as commercial pills or most infusions. (that's what my dad's onc prescribed for him).
best of all good luck!!!

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