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Can anyone tell me if after Chemo/Rad they have experienced skin sensitivity. It has been alittle over a month and suddenly he is having little shooting pain that travels and skin sensitive to the touch.

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My mother has been experiencing skin sensitivity for the past two weeks. She has completed 37 radiation sessions a little over a month ago and is currently still undergoing chemotherapy (carbo&taxol). She describes the pain as if someone had punched her or as if she had been scrubbing her skin really hard with something abrasive. She says the skin is very tender to touch and the pain moves around, sometimes in her back, sides, or stomach. I was wondering if what your dad was feeling is similar to my mom and was curious as to what chemo regimen he had.

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He was on Taxotereand some other kind. symptoms are the same as your Mom

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After just 1 chemo treatment, my legs & thighs hurt so bad. It was worse than a really bad sun burn, it was almost like my skin had been scraped off. I walked around in just underwear for about 2 weeks & kept slathering burn gel & aloe gel on my legs. It was so painful. It hurt to have shorts lightly touch my skin. It has been weeks now & I still have sore skin-not as bad, but it is still sore. At the peak, my muscles & bones hurt too. It was terrible......but it eventually went away. I am suppose to have another treatment on Tues & I am dreading it.......don't know if I will do it.

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