Hi..............I saw the Oncologist yesterday, I've had shingles just below the radiated lung since Sept of'12, they are still here.
She mentioned it may be a condition I'll just have to live with
Has anyone else had shingles that lasted this long? were they permanent?
On the positive side I also has Ct scan and all is well, that by far countered the shingles problem
Thanks to all for help

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I had shingles and I got the antiviral meds. The first line, Valacyclovir, I did not tolerate so they gave me a different one. Can't remember the name. I would have to look it up.
I think you should see an infectious disease specialist.
If you have active herpes virus (shingles is herpes zoster ) something is up.
If you are in pain,lidocain creams can help.

I would not let this slide.

Wishing you all the best


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Hi Annika........I had and took the antiviral meds when the outbreak just began, not really in a lot of pain but the shingles ran along my diaphragm and have had shortness of breath, I've also been taking dexamethasone due to pnuemonitis
Thanks for your help

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My pain from the shingles rivaled 4 childbirths! Not fun.
Took the antiviral meds early....then tried Capsaicin cream....which really didn't help. Finally found Lidoderm
patches which can give you about 12 hours of relief. Don't remember if they are over the counter or if you need a Dr's order. 12 hours on....12 hours off. My pain was always internal not external. One other thing I'd tell you about. My Dr ordered me to go to an eye Dr to have my eyes checked. Sure enough I had acquired ulterior
anvitus (Spelling) in my right eye. It can happen as a result of shingles. It can blind you so please check this out. Had to use drops in the eye for some
fine now. Had never heard of this side effect. Am fortunate that my Dr was so through. Good luck and I do sympathise!

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