Severe weeping leg wounds

Dad's legs have stayed swollen since his thoracotomy, and even more so since chemo (completed Jan 09). He developed blisters that burst and now his lower legs look like horrible burn wounds. He takes Lasix, tries keeping feet propped as much as he can tolerate, I dress with silver cream daily - not much improvement.
Has anyone else had this side effect/development?

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No - But Angela - you need to get him to a doctor right away - this could be an infection brewing - and after chemo his ability to fight infection is comprimised - please don't wait for something to happen - get him to a doctor right away - call his oncologist or even go to the ER.

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My dad developed shingles after chemo.

I agree with Karen that you should call the onc.


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thanks for the advice.....this has been going on for 3 months. he has been to the ER and the doctor. had a round of bactrim. the home health nurse says that they don't look infected now, just weeping. we have a wound care nurse coming this week. our oncologist sent us to hospice in January saying he could offer no more to my dad.
the ER doc says that it's a vascular issue and that it will be hard to heal. the primary care doc says that he doesn't need bactrim again at this time.
the legs don't look worse, but just don't seem to improve much. if the wound care nurse has no better treatment plan, then i am going to a wound care center for help.
thanks again.

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my dad's arms and legs/feet were swollen and weeping for at least a month - discovered that tumor was pressing on SVC causing the fluids not to properly circulate through his body. he too was taking lasix and keeping his feet elevated. i hope the docs give you some good advice. we kept the areas clean and dabbed dry often with gauze or clean white towels. not a pretty sight, but dad did not seem to be uncomfortable.

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My Dad had the adema very bad in his legs. When he finally entered hospice, the nurse showed us a lymphodema massage that we could do on his feet/calves/ankles. We'd do it for 10-15 minutes a few times a day, and within a few days the swelling was almost gone.

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My wife had edema in her legs and feet and sites weeping clear fluid, which our nurse daughter told us was blood plasma. On a doctor's advice we applied 1 percent hydrocortisone cream to her legs and the weeping sites quickly healed up.

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Hi all,
The wound care nurse visited dad yesterday. At her recommendation we are seeing a vascular surgeon Monday. She thinks we need to see what is causing the swelling to see if we can fix that, then we'll take care of the wounds. We'll see what he offers. This nurse is wonderful and will assist with comfort care of the legs if the surgeon can't fix. I feel much more capable with her guiding me, and my dad is pleased.
Thanks for your advice and suggestions. I appreciate all of you.

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keep us posted as to what they find out. i have the same thing....only not just on my legs, but also now on my arms and back. my arms werent swollen until AFTER the appearance of the sores. i cant get a straight answer anywhere, not even from the dermatology clinic they sent me to.

good luck,

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we are starting to use una boots. it's a medicated ompression wrap applied to the legs. supposed to help the swelling and heal the wounds. first application today or tomorrow by the home health nurse. i'll let you know how they are working. (dad had ultrasounds on the legs first to see if there was any clots or blockage that would prohibit the use of these bandages - this is prescribed by a peripheral vascular surgeon).

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