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Does anyone else here have a service or assistance dog? If so, how have they helped you? Have you had any problems with stores or such? I am just starting to venture out with my assistance dog and must admit I am a bit nervous and afraid we will be tossed out!

My situation may be a bit different because not only do I have BAC but I also have a brain tumor and do have seizures occasionally. I find she helps more though with the shortness of breath and the dizziness that comes with that.

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I'm a volunteer puppy raiser for Guide Dogs for the Blind and I've never really had a problem taking the pups anywhere. If you have a card and a copy of the "law", you shouldn't have a problem. The only place I ever had a problem was in an Asian diner. But no other problems! You'll be fine as long as your dog is a certified therapy dog.
Just go with confidence and good luck!

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Thanks, therapy dogs are not allowed in stores and such. Only assistance or service dogs are. I do understand many Asian restaurants have problems with the dogs coming in and not sure why. However, I generally do take out there so not a problem!!!
Right now just waiting for her vest to come in and her "driver's license" and we will be good to go to finish her training....I need to get a good picture of her to put on her tag and get it ordered but she does not like a camera!

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In many Asian countries dogs are treated very brutally; raised in horrendous "puppy" mill farms by the thousands and served as "dinner" -- they are beaten to death and skinned and eaten! China and Korea examples of some of the worst offenders. Many, many documented video undercover cases, this is sad but true.

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Sharpie, I thought of that to be honest and figured the first time one of them objected to my assistance dog and eyed her for the menu, it would be the last time! They might end up on their own menu!!! She is really good (or bad??) about sensing antagonistic feelings directed our way so it would not be to their advantage. It also helps that pretty much the only Chinese restaurant we go to is owned by our neighbors and they are enlightened about dogs...They have known all mine since they moved here!

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Sharpie - I have been a puppy raiser for Canine Companions the last 10 years and I have never had an issue with taking my dog in places. As long as I had their cape on identifying who they were, most places were happy to let me in. Now in Illinois most places don't have to let a puppy that is being trained to become a service dog in. That have to let a Service dog in but not ones in training. So have I had to educate some stores about the dogs and what they do, yes, but after I have had the discussion, 9 times out of 10 they were very accepting and let us in. You have a service dog so you should never be denied into anywhere you go, that falls under the American Disablities Act. Once you become more comfortable with your dog and people get use to seeing you around with your dog then you won't think nothing of it. Go out, have fun and know your companion is there to assist you when needed. Nothing makes people more secure and happier than a fuzzy, warm dog.
Take care and go have fun!

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I think you misunderstood me -- T clarify, I was simply commenting on the hideous and unbelievable political REALITY of China, Korea and some other asian countries torturing and eating dogs and why some asian food establishments MAY not want dogs (dinner in their home country and possibly their eyes, I don't know) to enter their establishments.

This is the truth of the situation; Dogs are slowly beaten to death in several asian countries, before being killed and eaten, to cause excruciating pain, with the horrible misconception that the adrenalin caused by the animal's fear is an aphrodiasic and tenderizes their meat. Inhumane doesn't even begin to describe it, but it's true and happening now to thousands of innocent dogs (and cats).

My dogs are not service dogs, but trained therapy dogs I've worked with for many years in hospitals or old age homes where they were welcomed with open arms. We've never been turned away anywhere.

I feel VERY comfortable with my dogs, but we never entered food or retail establishments, not our mission!

They are retired now because I cannot be exposed to the germs in these facilities due to my comprominsed immune system due to lc tx.

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