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Diagnosed in Aug.2010 with sclc. Dr.s treated it aggessively with 4 rds. of Chemo and 37 radiation treatments of the left lung and sternum at the same time. Then 12 rds. of pci. In April 2011 Pet Scan showed no cancer. Thank God. But my problem begin in Feb. and contiues to cause me great pain today. Pain seems to radiate from my lower left rib around to the sternum and my back and up under my left arm pit. Continues pain, sometimes sharp stabbing pain. Also my left breast has a stinging, numbness sensation. Dr.s said it was scar tissue and to take every four hours pain med.s and ibuprofen. Which doesn't help. Does anyone else have this problem. Does anyone have any suggestions. I hurt so bad I can't do anything.

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Some people sail through treatments better than others. I had only surgery, no rad or chemo. But two years later my daily moderate pain continues. I also took advil around the clock for one year. I need Dilauded to control the pain and be able to get out of bed and to work. The advil tore up my stomach and gave me an ulcer! Post op pain syndrome is no joke and no fun. I do not know about pain caused by your treatments. Someone else will and they will be along.....

Wishing you the best,

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I have this problem on my right side due to radiation scarring. My rad onc said it should go away eventually, no time frame. I take only ibuprofen, as I don't want prescription drugs. I am not able to sleep on that side anymore. I am right-handed,so when I overdo it-I am really in pain. So I give myself a break. If yours is so bad, maybe going to a pain clinic for help. It involves the nerves, and their are drugs for that. Wishing you the best. Take care, Judy

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I also have the same pain on my right side. I have tried injections and they only last maybe a week. I too have to take pain meds every four hours just to lead a somewhat normal life. I wish I had an answer for both of us but unfortunately I don't. If I find any other remembers I will let you know.

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also, I use a drug called voltaren and its a gel that gives temporary relief.

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I don't have that kind of pain myself, but a friend does. She gets regular physical therapy and massages which she feels help her. She called her insurance and used the words ' maximum pain threshold ' to assist in getting pt approved. I wish the best for you in overcoming this!

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I want to thank all of you for your suggestion. I didn't have surgery, just chemo and radiation. I too won't use a lot of pain meds just otc ones. Taking one day at a time. Thanks to everyone.

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