round 4 typical carinoid Cryo/laser removal.

Well I had round 4 today.. First off I received my Octideoscan results yesterday.. No spread and only faint but persistent tracer accumulation in the left lung.

So today Dr. Amjadi removed the last 5mm of that little crappy carcinoid..

All went well, but the ride home sucked,, puked at the side of the highway and could not control my tears.. These tumors are know to effect you after remove as they releases hormones.

Biggest bonus is my lung and chest are pain free.. Breathing is 100%

I will need a ct scan in 3 weeks and a lot of prayer..

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Glenn, glad to hear you're done your treatments. Take that much needed break and enjoy. Will pray for good results on your next scan. Take care, Judy

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Hi Glenn:

Prayers are on their way!

How fabulous that you are done with treatment. Your treatment situation is fascinating to me. Very different than anything I've ever read about. Really exciting stuff!

Also, that you are now pain-free = Yipee!

Hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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HI Glenn!

So glad to hear about what I consider to be a great scan, and finally 100% lung function! Yay for you!!!

A few years back I helped a friend with a big ugly carcinoid tumor find treatment and get it back together. I thought it was so fitting that the Zebra is used by the carcinoid crowd as a symbol. Now that I know you, I think it is even more appropriate! You are a unique soul, who is very caring, and who (listen up) will beat this crazy carcinoid to the ground.

Much love

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Thanks for the update. Prayers coming at you - and so pleased to hear you are pain-free. Can't wait to hear the ct results - keeping my fingers crossed for you.
Warmest regards, and happy holidays -

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thanks gals!!!!

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