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I am 39 years old and female. I do smoke about a pack a day and have for 25 years now. After having what I thought was a lot of trouble from asthma a CT scan has showed a hilar mass in the right lung along with lung nodules. I am due to have a repeat CT scan on Monday. Is there a possibility that I am looking at lung cancer? I know that I am really scared because my inhalers nor my nebulizer seem to be giving me any relief hardly from the shortness of breath or thr wheezing. I can also walk up a small flight of stairs or even through a grocery store without being incredibly winded. Just scared and worried and would like opinions

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Don't jump to any conclusions. Get your CT, then they may order a PET scan which scans you from the base of your skull to your thighs after injecting you with contrast (similar to a CT). This will show any inflamed areas. A biopsy may be ordered after that if the dr is concerned. That is the only way to determine if it is cancer and what kind. It might just be benign nodules. DO NOT panic yet. I pray you are cancer free. This a great site for info and support if you do test positive.
God bless you,

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I'd have to wonder why they'd do another CT instead of a PET, especially if your last CT was real recent. The only way to know if it's cancer is through a biopsy. Do you have a size? Not all nodules are cancerous and it could be something else all together. Wait until you have more info. Wishing you the best. Take care, Judy

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omgosh, get some chantix & quit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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You had the repeat CT, right? Is there a result yet? Are they proceeding to doing a biopsy of some kind?

Best hopes,

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