Rife Machine . Which one to use?

Dear all,
Do you have experiences with the rife machine? I2m thinking of buying a Rife Machine for mom's treatment but I could not be sure which machine is the best similar one to the original Rife Machine and also cheap :S

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Did you Google the Rife Machine? It seems to be a lot of hype and doesn't work. Personally, I wouldn't waste the money.

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Save your money, take her on a relaxing weekend to a spa or something. Even acupuncture would be a better way to spend your money.
Take care, Judy

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I am also looking for Rife Machine, but one that is closest to the original machine.
I am asking those who believe in Rife, which machine worked for you?

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I don't know why you'd consider such things instead of real medicine. See:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Rife#Modern_revival.2C_marketing.2C_and_ health_fraud



Best hopes,

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Thank you for your reply.
It's actually not something we want to use instead of real medicine. It's something that we consider in addition to real medicine. Just another hope.

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Its a scam. This makes me sick that people prey on other people's illnesses. It is predatary marketing. Read all about it here in "Quackwatch"


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BTW... Sundaram just joined today. Apparently, he/she has his/her computer set to troll for articles and comments on Rife. He/she most likely sells it.


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Good catch dogluver and I see the response has been deleted. Don't know how or why people fall for this crap. Take care, Judy

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"Don't know how or why people fall for this crap."

Well here we go again Judy, that statement is really insulting and again demonstrates a total lack of understanding and compassion of those who are Stage IV or have had unsuccessful allopathic treatment. And I see you are joined by the usual suspects - this site's semi-official anti-supplement, anti-alternative vigilantes.

Your Staging allowed for an allopathic arensenal - surgery, ablation, radiation and chemo. You were successful in reaching NED. Another vigilante has a 1% population mutation and is having success -so far- with Xalkori. So you guys are quick to condemn those seeking alternatives IN SUPPORT OF ALLOPATHIC TREATMENT NOT INSTEAD OF ALLOPATHIC TREAMENT.

And you responded after Didi85 beautifly explained why "....people fall for this crap"

If I may quote her: "Thank you for your reply.
It's actually not something we want to use instead of real medicine. It's something that we consider in addition to real medicine. Just another hope." And that diplomatic reply in her second language!

"Just another hope." I speak here as a Stage IV patient who unlike you, am denied surgery/ablation/radiation by national protocol even if it could help, only palliative chemo. And even among those with lesser stages, chemo, surgery, radiation too often does not go well, many complications - read about the poster's mother. And without a targeted mutation, that's it.

So we understandably look for "just another hope".

Stanifa asked if anybody has experience with a Rife machine. Yes, I do, just like I have responded to but never initiated a discussion about the maple/syrup bicarb Folk treatment. I do them all. Do they help - I DONT KNOW FOR SURE. "Just another hope". Now if I was Stage II or even Stage III, I probably would just use some supplements with in vivo and in vitro backing, and run them by my onc who would likely reject them, and with HOPE for extended life and maybe a cure, I would go along the onc. But State IV, given a death sentence by March, 2011, 8 months max to live from Dx, I researched everything, and made some choices to give myself "just another hope". In fact, I rejected chemo and began alternatives first and then when I felt good, I sought out a chemo I could handle without destroying the Q of Life I had left. I wanted to come at this horror from every angle.

Among everything I do, the Rife is the most iffy. I would pass on super expensive ones, like the $30,000 one pushed by actress Susan Somers. I bought the cheapest one out there, a little digital model. WTF not? I sleep with it on my feet, so it doesn't make me rearrange and plan my day for it as much supplements do - some best on an empty stomach, some best with meals, etc., etc. I have been using it since Sept., 2011.

I spent the whole month of Sept 2011 afer my Dx and the horrors of one Cisplatin/Gemzar infusion researching day and night and starting Folk and natural supplements, altering my diet, and in October I began Gemzar alone. And here I sit almost 6 months past my death sentence with my morning coffee, posting the day after my infusion, clearheaded, no chemo fog, no fatigue, no aches and pains, no SOP, and strong. And they tell me I have COPD too!

Are all the Folk stuff I do including the little Rife machine + all the supplements helping my single first line Gemzar???. I don't know for sure, but empirically I do know they are not hurting. My scans so far confirm that. They are "just another hope."

Inspire means to give hope, but you guys only want to Inspire hope in trial and error allopathic medicine alone, and that is understandable given your luck and success. But quit insulting Stage IV folks and those with a slightly lesser Stage whose treatments have not been successful and are seeking "just another hope" in addition to allopathic medicine.

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Only those people who have used Rife machines can really vouch for their effectiveness. There are certain interests out there (AMA, FDA, Pharmaceuticals) who want to UNDERMINE any effective alternative therapy so that they get all the business. That is the case with some of the things you may find on Google. But I am someone who has used Rife machines for several years when needed, and in particular the latest 16v portable model has cleared up all chronic conditions I had, and speedily heals any acute condition that comes up! So FROM MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE of several years, RIFE machines DO WORK VERY WELL AND VERY EFFECTIVELY. It is a shame people bad-mouth them without having any personal experience in using them. It is sort of like someone writing a bad review of a movie they have NEVER EVEN SEEN. Would we take their review seriously when we know they never ever went and saw the movie????? I don't think so! This is the same. Those who are interested to learn more about Rife machines should be in conversations with those who have them and use them and know how they work, etc. etc. This is pretty clear to me!

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What specifically is your mom's problem and I can advise you how I would treat it with the Rife I use, if I had that same health issue.

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This is interesting because as I was swallowing all my supplements and waiting for my newest bunch of them via UPS do you know what went through MY mind?

They are my HOPE.

I'm stage III but was given a death sentence by the first onco I saw in the hospital and seriously......look at the stats for all of us. Even those stage I.

Try as I might (and I do every single waking and sleeping second for that matter) it is hard to just think "whatever, I was a good little girl and did what the doctors said" and "go on and live your life." Well, I'm here, what am I doing.

I cannot and will not accept the pat on the back that I got through the surgery, chemo and radiation and just hope for the best.

For me "hope" is replaced by things such as changing my mindset on many aspects of life, working with an integrative cancer center, taking those darn supplements, finding out everything I can about those who have survived and seeing how maybe, just maybe they did it......

Perhaps my view of hope and those who do allopathic treatments along with (notice I said not instead of) the integrative ones has something to do with I am 44 years old with children that are only 8, 12 and 12 who need their mother for a very very long time.

They need Hope to because their healthy mother has been taken away.

Replaced by Hope.

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Is this forum to inspire or discourage people from using alternative healing tools? I wish to know exactly what kind of people have joined this forum. If you are all closed-minded and hostile and agressive to each other, no wonder you are sick! If you aren't open to practical suggestions that have worked on others, well, I guess you deserve your bad karmas! Someone please tell me if INSPIRE is a gimmick, run by the AMA, etc...or is it really serious people who are searching for alternative healing care??? Never met such HOSTILITY in a forum group before!!!

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Re: "Only those people who have used Rife machines can really vouch for their effectiveness."

I think that wording is incorrect since it is illegal to promote medical "effectiveness" of something not proven to be effective, and that requires a controlled clinical trial to ensure the results are not biased or contaminated by other treatments, biased pre-selection of participants, subjective or inconsistent measurements, or other study design flaws. When there is credible research, anyone can point to the research and discuss it, not just those who have tried it on themselves.

A. Lack of credible research (or things disproven) means
(1) no reason to divert time, money, or energy to it, and (2) not appropriate to promote it.

B. Credible pre-clinical research or clinical research on different kinds of cancer means the concept might be . . .
(1) interesting and hopeful,
(2) worthy of discussion,
(3) premature to put much faith into yet (since most promising pre-clinical research doesn't succeed when tried in actual people with lung cancer), . . .
(4) but if people understand what that research really says and doesn't say, and if they accept any unknowable risks, we should respect their choice to experiment on themselves.

C. Credible clinical research is the best kind, of course. You'll even be able to convince your doctor with that.

The best way to neutralize criticism by people who want to protect the gullible and don't believe the claims is to cite and discuss credible research proving them wrong.

Best hopes,

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Sundaram ... It's kind of telling that you just joined when he rife conversation appeared, have not posted any information about yourself or your condition. So why are you here?

That being said, yes I do have a Rife machine...got it as a birthday gift and have followed the directions for nsclc....I still have LC and use it almost every night.

Those of us who are having no positive response to traditional treatments become more willing to try alternative treatments. I have not and don't plan on leaving traditional plans aside, but people others may.

Choices have to be made, continue to abuse your body when standard treatment isn't working, or try to assist it with some help. I'm also eating a lot better than I have before, does it help ... I don't know. I feel good, I'm told I look good .... Wish the scans would reflect that.

For those who do find success in the traditional routes, congrats ... But don't jump on those who are not having success and are looking for ways to improve their chances.


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Thanks Victor for your reply. I am quite healthy and happy and that's why I haven't posted anything on my condition, because I have no 'condition' except excellent health. I didn't realise this forum was only for sick people. I would think that a comment from someone who is healthy is also welcomed. Yes, I joined this discussion BECAUSE I have experience with Rife. And YES I joined because I like to help people get better, and yes, that usually happens by sharing what happened in your case. I have cleared up several chronic conditions with Rife, like breast fibroids, chronic parasites, arthritic knee, detoxed a lot. Is it wrong to share information about a machine that has helped you, hoping it will help others??? Maybe we live on another planet, but my philosophy is to serve....without benefits. To help where there may be some need. Sorry that I seem to be alone in this way of thinking!
Another important criteria of healing is detoxing. I got rid of TONS of heavy metals which is why I had parasites with another very effective machine, along with the detox frequency sets on my Rife. But I am not going to say more about it (and NO I don't sell it or have anything to do with this company!) unless someone sincerely asks. You know, some people have some solutions but when they come knocking on the door, the people inside prefer to keep their door closed and shout at them to go away. What to do?

So if you are still suffering, look into detoxing ...either through effective machines which do that...or with coffee enemas, etc. Good you have got your diet improved. Is your Rife powerful enough? My earlier model wasn't so powerful and wasn't as effective either.

Anyway, I wish you well...and hope the right people come along to help you.

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Yes, clinical research would be nice, but I believe the Rife people are more like homeopathic doctors, who collect the information on basis of experience and feedback on what worked for them.

There'a lots of online info on Dr. Rife and his research and trials. You can look it up for yourself.

I don't know much about research on Rife, as I am more interested in what my EXPERIENCES shows me. I am not a researcher on this topic. I also know that clinical trials are good, but experiencial trials are also practical. They are very costly and so sometimes there are not the funds to do them.

In any case, homeopathy is also an alternative therapy that works on many, without 'clinical trials'. Until we are willing to consider our experience as valid, we depend upon 'research'.

I am more interested in the effects by using a machine. I was also suspicious of these machines when I first heard about them, but I put the doubting Thomas aside and checked it out for myself. And NOTHING I have done so far for my health has helped me this much!!! I just hope there is someone out there who is open enough to give Rife a try.

I do not know about all the Rife machines. I only know about the one I use, which has been very effective. There have been serious conditions healed by this Rife. So as my earlier posts were removed by people hostile to good news, I don't know how to tell you more about it....because if I do, the powers-that-be come down on me and delete my posts. I feel very very sorry for members of this group...

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If a vocal advocate like you isn't able to suggest even one credible research article about its effectiveness against lung cancer that you feel is convincing enough to discuss, why would you imagine anyone else could?

Making excuses for an absence of research isn't helping your arguments. Even homeopaths do research:

Best hopes,

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There's a difference between offering "hope" and bilking people out of their money with known scams. I googled "Sundaram" and found he/she is busy elsewhere on the internet pushing this scam.

On a Lyme Disease support group, Sundaram claims, "I have cleared up lots of acute and chronic conditions with this Rife like food poisoning, inner ear and middle ear infections, brain concussion, breast fibrocystic disease, influenza, common cold, vitamin C deficiency, amoebiasis, pinworms, all sorts of parasites, detoxed toxins, liver, kidneys, intestines, lymph, radiation detox, mycoses treatment for fungi, treatment for mold....like that the list goes on and on.." and then offers up a facebook website on where to buy this scam machine.

Snakeoil, anybody? Oh, and very EXPENSIVE snakeoil... $400 and even higher.

Here's how "well" it works:

"The most-publicised death to date was that of Liam Williams-Holloway, a child on New Zealand's South Island, who was being treated with radiotherapy at a hospital in Dunedin for cancer of the jaw. Last year, there was a public uproar when the boy was taken from the hospital by his parents and treated with a Rife machine at the Rainbow Health Clinic in Rotorua.

The boy died in a Rife clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, after his parents sold their house and embarked on a futile round-the-world search for an "alternative" cure. Liam's former doctor, Michael Sullivan, a pediatric oncologist at the Dunedin hospital, said he would have had a "60 to 70 per cent chance" of a cure with conventional therapy and said he had other patients who had been reduced to "a horrendous condition" by the "therapy".

http://www.healthwatcher.net/quackerywatch/cancer/Cancer-news/smh001230rife -aus.html

And by the way-- the machine is made up of "a nine-volt battery, some wiring, a switch, a timer and two short lengths of copper tubing".. all worth about 15 bucks.

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Okay...I have used the rife machine for 2 years. Folks..I was stage III adenocarcinoma and given 13 months....Yesterday was my appointment with Johns Hopkins for bloodwork, scan, and meet with the Doctor.
Still no signs of cancer.!!! I do completely believe that the Rife machine has played a part in this. As I do believe that God has played the biggest role!
Do not buy a rife machine from the internest..Please!!! If you are interested in more info. as to where I got mine, please email me. kkimt@aol.com.
Thanks, Kim

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