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My husband has not been well lately even though he was told last month he was NED.Now he has constant diarrhoea with bleeding.A bloated stomach and is anaemic.Blood tests have ruled out an infection.Has anyone else had similiar symptoms.Has anyone developed bowel cancer after their lung cancer diagnosis.He has a strong family history of both lung and bowel cancer in the family.We are scared that this is cancer...only in a different area.....please let us know if you have had a similiar experience.He is booked for a colonoscopy/gastroscopy in 4 weeks....HELP

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I think 4 weeks is to long to wait. I suggest maybe another docs opinion. The sooner you find these things the better. Keep us updated and I am praying for you. God bless

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No way I would wait a month. Get him to someone now. If all else fails, go to the ER.


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Listen I had basically the very same problem a couple of years before my LC diagnosis. I was scared to death. The bleeding was just awful.

I will tell you what I did and it even shocked my doctor. Not because I did it but because it WORKED.

I simply got one of those big maradol Papayas (Publix usually has them if you live near a Publix). I cut it on half length wise, scooped the seeds out, then took a couple of cups of low fat, PLAIN, yoghurt and dumped in the center and ate it. Every. Single. Night. (Do this before bed... maybe while watching tv?)

One cup of papaya has 333% of the DV of Vitamin C (great for any cancer), but more than that it PREVENTS bad bacteria from clinging to the walls of the colon, making kind of a barrier against infection and toxins. It also helps healthy blood vessels form, is a powerful antioxidant, and contains papain which helps dissolve protein, increasing toxic flow. The yoghurt introduces good bacteria back into the gut, easy healing protein to digest, etc. (I still eat papaya and a little low fat yoghurt everyday with flax, etc. as part of my anti-cancer diet)

This gives your body a chance to recover and to heal.
At night, it will sit, without other foods, longer inside of him.

Yes, some people will think that sounds crazy, but from the time I went to the doctor with the awful bleeding, until the time of my colonoscopy that pronounced me completely healed, was about 4-5 weeks. The doctor was so amazed that I was perfectly healed inside, he FOLLOWED my husband out into the parking lot after my surgery to ask him what had happened. He was astounded that I was the same woman he met only weeks before in such bad shape in his office.

Now I am not saying it isn't cancer in your husbands case, and you should follow up on this but in the meanwhile, be proactive in what you do to help yourself... it can go far.

Type in "health benefits of papaya" and watch google go nuts.

God bless you!

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Wow about the papaya.Do go see another Dr.If he is already anemic an even heavier bleed could be bad.Prayers AndiB

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If he is anemic, the doctor should check him for a bleeding ulcer also.

Love to all,

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Ellen does this papay with yogurt have any taste to it? I am wondering if it is soemthing I might just do each night to keep everything in the colon cleaned out?
thanks Sandy
Hi Tezz,
Maybe even consider bleeding hemmorhoids, I guess the best thing is to have that colonoscopy, but any other symptoms get into emergency. My father had this problem and found he also had a peforation inside the colon as well. it was too late on him, they just waited too long. If he has symptoms like dizziness, nausea, decrease in muscle strength, or increase in bleeding. go to emergency.
don't wait.
God bless Sandy

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Hey Sandy,
Always good to "hear" your voice :)
Yes, it tastes wonderful!!!!!
it tastes just like a smoothie.
Now I do like the taste of plain yoghurt (most folks don't) but with the papaya it's a real treat -

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Don't rule out another cancer. In 2000 I knew I had an active prostate when I passed blood in my urine. In staging my anaplastic (super aggressive) bladder cancer, they found I had Stage 1B andenocarcinoma lung cancer. When surgeon's refused lobectomy we learned lung cancer was spreading at six times normal. I had lobectomy two and a half months after a radical cystoprostatectomy.

Chemo at least until recently was not recommended for Stage 1b, with lobectomy, but with poorly differentiated lung cancer it certainly is a good option.

Did they do full body CT and bone scans when they staged your husbands lung cancer? has he had a colorectal examination?


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oh to my wonderful friends who have replied.....thankyou so very much...i think it even makes it a little better just knowing people take the time out of their busy lives just to respond.I will keep you all updated on his progress..

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dear Angel,
thankyou for your kind words.we are trying to negotiate earlier appointments,but we live in rural australia so the services are often hard to access...but don't worry I will not let things get out of hand...If lung cancer has taught us anything it is .....Yell and scream if it means your health is at risk and you are not getting the treatment you deserve.I had to literally beg the pulm doctor to operate on my husband and give him a chance.When they did operate they found the CT scan/pet scans were wrong.

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Hi Highland guy
thanks so much for your advice which we,by the way hold in high stead.....In answer to your questions,my husband was originally staged 1b,had surgery ,followed by chemo for 4 x3weekly cycles.The new staging criteria would stage him at 2a because his tumour was 6 cm.It was also poorly differientiated and according to to the oncologist very aggressive.We have been told the recurrence rate is high.I think that is why we freak out when something like this happens,He did have CT scans/bone scans/and a PET scan..all were positive but most were dismissed after the operation because the tumour was on the left and the positive areas were on the right with no medistinal involvement.My concern is and has always been that it maybe an unrelated cancer.guess with my nursing background,i think and worry tooooo much.

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thanks marylou,
they are going to do a gastroscopy at the same time as the colonoscopy.I will keep you informed.
Thanks so much for responding......I feel you guys know more about lung cancer than the doctors....

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thanks Barb,
he is currently trying to get earlier appointments....but we will certainly take him to emergency if the bleeding gets worse.
thanks again bev

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thankyou for your reply.we are currently looking at our options and trying to convince my husband about the papaya,
thanks bev

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Hi highland guy,
Just another post to let you know i feel almost embarassed that I was unaware of your recent posting about your possible fourth cancer.I looked your profile up to see what grade you were.
Thankyou for taking the time to help with our problems when indeed you have your own.
thinking of you....bev

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thanks Sandy,for your valuable advice.We are looking at our options,,,,,trying to get earlier doctors appointments,,trying to convince my hubby about the benefits of papaya,and probanly most importantly we are trying to stay positive.....
thanks again bev

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dear drawing3d thankyou so much for your valuable advice.I am currently in the throes of convincing my husband about papaya.I think you are probably on a winner.I know when no antibiotic could cure his pneumonia,we started on a garlic/lemon regime with amazing results.Within four days my husband's temperature went down and he started to get better.However it has not worked for this .
Maybe garlic/lemon for the chest and papaya for the bowel.
thankyou again for your valuable advice.

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Ellen, I know about the benefits of yogurt, but how did you know about papaya and what it would do? I'm trying to work on an anti-cancer diet as much as my husband will agree to, but I hadn't heard about papaya.

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Dear Bev;

Yes, raw garlic has been proven to be a stronger anti-bacterial/antibiotic than penicillin. The Russian army used to apply it even on wounds topically.

I drink a concoction every single morning that has raw garlic, lemon, apple, spinach, parsley, kale, dandelion, watermelon (including the rind), cabbage, broccoli and broccoli sprouts and more.

I also eat raw garlic spread with olive oil in a "sandwich" daily. It definitely clears up congestion, combats stomach toxins, thins the blood, etc., etc.

I hope he agrees to eat the papaya - yoghurt combination, but don't forget he needs to be checked out too.

God bless you both,

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Dear Joy,

One word... research.

Before my diagnosis (and now) I was a computer groupy. Anytime I wanted an answer to anything, I would reach for the keyboard. I learned a little about papaya and it's effects on colon health (along with yogurt) doing cursory research online.

Then later when I was being treated in Texas (900 miles away from home) I was gone - and alone pretty much - for almost 6 months. I had alot of time on my hands and so I lived on the computer trying to find ways to help me - live, cope and overcome and papaya popped up again.

I read journals, books, reports - you name it. If you want to learn more about papaya a place to start is with Google. Just type in "health benefits of papaya cancer" and Google should return massive info -

Hope this helps. God bless,

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