Radiotherapy on tumour located near heart!

Has anyone had radiotherapy for a centrally located, laying up against the heart tumour. I am really concerned about the radiotherapy doing damage to my aorta or oesophagus and causing a big bleed. So, I might just choose chemo. Or, should I have faith that they wont over cook me?
Kelly in England

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My Mom stage 4 NSCLC had 10 chest sessions and her tumor is wrapped around her vena-cava. They mark it and are very precise. She didn't have any problems.

Best Wishes, Christi

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Hi Christi,
Thank you so much that is very reassuring.
Kindest wishes to you and your mother.
Kelly in England

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Hi Kelly,

All I know is what the surgeon told us when he thought there was a good possibility that her tumor had invaded her heart. He said to remember that heart is a muscle and that muscles react very well to radiotherapy. The esophagus is another story, but from what I've read on here, its just a matter of discomfort and there are things they can give you to minimize the side effects. You can always stop the radiation if its too much, but I don't think they'll overcook you. :-) Take care, Linda

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Kelly, I don't know if this is the very same thing but I had 37 radiation treatments (74 gray). I had 3 positive nodes plus a tumor in the LUL. A para-aortic lymph node in the AP window had the largest area of cancer showing on the CT and PET scan. I had chemo concurrent with the radiation. I was able to complete all the treatments and still get a little liquid down towards the end. I did end up in the hospital with dehydration and was sent home on IV's for 2 weeks, The doc in the hospital put me on Carafate, Magic Mouthwash and "Sleepy Butter". They helped improve my swallowing and eased the pain. The pain never got too bad and I am thankful for that. Each person is different but it sounds as if you were in pretty good health otherwise when diagnosed just as I was. My docs say I did remarkably well for the treatments I went through and I think you will too. Jane

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Hi, Keep the Faith, I heard a simple one liner a few wk.s back "Worry is putting Faith in the enemy" . I have NSCLC IV with multiple tumurs in both lungs. I've been staedy on my journey for 3 years now. Thank God!
I'm comming up on some big descissions also. My biggest tumur is in my left lung in the center. I've been on Nexavar for 1 year now. The Nexavar has kept me stable and has shrunk the smaller tumurs but the biggest one has shown signs of SLOW growth. I consider myself blessed to have this amount of time!
Theres ALWAYS New And Great News comming, each day brings HOPE!! My Dr. is haveing the Radiologist
looking at our next step on Aug. 18. Plz keep me in the loop if you can. I have a rare cancer because it's Besil
Cell Carsanoma which is normally a " Surface" Skin
cancer NOT internal. I believe my biggest tumur is 6cm. You hang in there !!! Never lose Faith / Hope .
Good Luck & God Bless......Your new friend on the journey.........Paul in Austin,Texas

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