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Somewhere on this site I have read about a liquid that is helpful for the sore throat radiation patients get. My Mom starts her radiation treatments next week and I wanted to plan ahead and have some things ready for her.

Does anyone know the name of that? Is it Rx or over the counter? I would really appreciate any advice / tips about dealing with the side effects of the radiation.

Thanks for this great website. I've learned so much in the past few days. I've enjoyed reaching out to others in similar situations. I think this helps each of us deal with the fright and uncertainty we're experiencing.

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If it's the same thing I had, it's called (believe it or not) mucositis cocktail. Doesn't that sound disscusting. It is prescription and is just that - a coctail. Sorry I can't remember all the ingredients, but I think maylox and lydacain (sp) were a couple. When that didn't help enough my doctor prescribed liquid hydrocodone. Also prescribed silver sulfadiazine for the burn I recieved on my back. Make sure you keep a close eye on the skin, it can get bad.

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dear marie- yes it is a prescription and is the mixture that julie described. lidocaine and maalox and other things, maybe some benedryl all mixed together. my husband's oncologist called it "magic swirl." ask your mother's oncologist. i think it is common practice. good luck- arlene

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It's called "Magic Mouthwash". When I took the script into the pharmacy, the pharmacist started pulling different bottles off the shelves. Even though MM is a script, the druggist hand mixes the solution.

My husband took it once, threw it up, and the bottle went under the sink. Never touched it again.

But if it helps your Mom, go for it. It is really a temporary numbing agent and inflammation soother.

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You are wise to be searching for something before things get to bad. I ended up in the hospital with dehydration due to the swallowing issues. My radiation oncologist had already put me on Nexium to heal esophageal erosions. In the hospital they added Magic Mouthwash, Carafate (also helps heal the esophagus) and UNC Mucositis (also known as "Sleepy Butter". The MM and Sleepy Butter are similar but the Sleepy Butter has more Lidocaine in it. I take the Carafate and MM before meals and the Sleepy Butter after meals. I still use them and it's been 3 months since radiation. Even though I can swallow well now and my appetite has returned, I was I still feel a sligtht lump at the beginning of eating or swallowing anything. They told me to stay on these for several more months since it takes a long time for the esophagus to fully heal.

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Slippery Elm, for radiation sore throat, was a recommendation for my mom. I read the label on Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat Tea and it has slippery elm in it, so mom has been drinking it ocasionally.

She was receiving Ethyol injections to protect her esophagus but it was discontinued. She kept having a fever, plus redness at injection site, so the conclusion was that it was an allergic reaction. I am wondering if there is an antidote.

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My husband was on "Magic Mouthwash" and a Lozinger during his 15 rounds of radiation. Both were very helpful but he was also dehydrated and hospitalized with .05 WBC count.

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Thanks !

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It's called the Magic Mouthwash. I guess every doctor has his own name for it. It's all the same.
It does help when your throat is burning from the chemo. I have had it a couple of times and it's also good for soars in your mouth from the chemo too.

It gives you some relief while you get to eat but it does not stay long with you.

God bless,

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I'm at the end of the second week of radi/chemo.... radi from the base of the neck to the top of the gastro area... the bronchial tube has gotten very raw... like radi kills all cells, new & old.... and in esophageal area its just gets more raw with time... (like ripping off your skin and pouring salt on it when you need to ingest food or drink) painful like wow... no swallowing with ease at all!!! Just got pain killers for it... hydrocodone-ibuprof 7.5/200mg... and lidocaine juice to kill the pain so now I can get the pills/ water/ food down the ole throat without dying a second death, its still painful even with the drugs only a little less so.

My question is this: is there another way without taking major meds to be able to eat/drink etc... ???
What has worked for you?
Popsicles seem to be good, very cold, semi-frozen Ensure is almost easy.... but each swallow is followed by a small to large gag reflex.... anyway.... I probably need not go on... any sure fired suggestions???

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I'm sure someone will respond with some helpful ideas. My Mom gets her radiation in her chest area and not so close to her throat. She does on occasion have a slight sore throat, but the tea takes care of it.

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My husbands sore throat was so bad even with the Medicines, that he was going to quit therapy until his radiologist explained another path that they could take that would not put the radiation head on to the esophagus. That worked and he was able to finish.

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My dad also had the sore throat, esophagus pain. He drank Orange Smoothies, made with orange sherbet. It seemed to help. Nothing toasted, nothing rough at all.

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