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I am wondering how many of those with lung cancer, started out with a non-calcified nodule of 6mm or slightly larger? My husband has one this size when I requested a CT due to his shortness of breath. The Dr. didn't feel it was necessary, then they found the small nodule. He was to go back in six months and after demanding he call the doctor and get one set up, it will be nine months since his last scan. His shortness of breath scares me. He needs to lose about 40 pounds and feels that is the reason he has the problems. While I see that as an issue as well, I also see breathing problems. Any input would be appreciated. Always the worrier.


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My nodule (8mm) was discovered last November and I was monitored with CT scans every four months. The last scan in July had not changed but my doctor suggested that i consider surgery for peace of mind and also not to get so much exposure to radiation. No one thought it was cancer incl. my family doctor and he recommended that I just continue to monitor the nodule but I chose to have the surgery to know for certain and sure enough the nodule was malignant / Stage A1 bronchoaveolar carcinoma. I am glad i had the surgery. I did not have any symptoms and I am not convinced that that shortness of breathness your husband is experiencing is from the nodule but I would get a seond opinion or at least pursue further tests, i.e PET scan.

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That is interesting. My dad, who was also Dx with BAC had been having CT Scans every three months for two years for two nodules in his lung which never changed. The next two years, his doctor went to having it scanned every six months and they never changed. It wasn't until he had unresolved pneumonia x2 in brief amount of time that they did the bronch and his cancer was found. His PET scan showed only the upper right lobe involved, however, after his radiation to that area, he quickly went down hill and never recovered. I wish we would have done a study of his lungs after he passed so we would not always wonder what went so terribly wrong. My husband said, "his journey went the way it was meant to go." Scary isn't it. You have such a wonderful chance to beat this and stay cancer free as long as you are vigilant. Thanks for the input. Maybe he is right.
Maybe it is his weight and he also has early onset of emphysema. Jolene

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Hi Jolene - this is a pretty small nodule. Mine was diagnosed at 1.5 cm. The feeling I had right before I had the surgery was a slight feeling of not being able to get a deep breath. It was an uncomfortable feeling.

Lots of people have nodules under 10mm that they usually do a "wait and see if they grow" approach.

Does your husband have any risk factors? If it was me, I would get a pet scan to see if it lights up. It isn't normal to be short of breath - he needs to find out what that is.



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I agree with Sharon regarding nodules are very common. millimeter is very small. I had two nodules pop up 5 years ago, one was 4mm the other was 6mm, they went up and down in size 4mm to 7mm to 8mm to 5mm. And as of today my doctor's feel they are scare tissue. We watch my nodules via CT scans every 4 months. HOWEVER, I have 3 new nodules and I AM a Lung Cancer Survivor which means I am more likely to get have a recurrence of my cancer then someone who has never had lung cancer. But PLEASE KNOW I AM NOT DOWN PLAYING your nodule issue.

It is common to just have them watched via CT scans every 6 months.

I use to know the answer to Non Calcified and Calcified nodules, but I have to go look it up now.(memory isn't as good as it use to be) When your talking MM in size I wouldn't get to worked up. BUT they should be watched. millimeter size nodules shouldn't cause SOB. Do you know that Heart problems can also cause SOB (shortness of breath)?

I know many people who have nodules and have had them for years and so far nothing has become of them. My Grandson who is 7 has many many nodules in his brain and they told us not to worry they will watch his via CT scan every 5 years. So far they are just hanging out being nodules.

Good luck,

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I have a PS to my message. They did do a PET scan on me after we found my nodules 5 years ago and the PET DID light up but they said were 99% sure they weren't cancer but rather just a hot spot. PET scans aren't 100% on telling you if it's cancer or not. They do show false positives and false negatives.

During a heart surgery I had 5 years ago my surgeon felt the nodules that I am talking about and he said that they did NOT feel at all like cancerous nodules to him. 3 yes 3 other cardiologists also felt stuck there hands in my chest and felt these nodules and they all agreed they were not cancer. YET the PET scan lite up. They weren't at all concerned. Those two nodules as I said are scare tissue.

The other three nodules are also mm in size and they have been there for over a year and I've had no change with them.

Good Luck.

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Thanks for the responses. Yes, I understand that they are mm and that is quite small. I also understand that it should not be the reason for his dyspnea. What worries me is that he was a heavy smoker for many years, quitting about 10 years ago.
He has damage to the main bronch and he also has early onset of emphysema. I think the fact the I lost my dad, who appeared so healthy, then changed so rapidly scares me. He too had two small nodules.
They were monitoring his nodules as well thinking they were scars from pneumonia. I will always wonder.

He goes the 30th and I will be going with him. His blood counts have been low without explanation for a year. Instead of investigating, they added iron and told him not to donate blood, which he hasn't for three years. UGH

I so appreciate your responses. They help me to remain calm. I spent the past two days helping move my mom into a Senior Housing Complex.
I brought many tears today as I thought of how my dad should be with he; then I look here, and thank God that he let us have a loving dad for 81 years.
So many do not get that opportunity. I will keep you all posted. Thanks for thinking of I you..always in my thoughts and prayers. Jolene

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