My chemo treatment is coming to an end. It seems I have tried everything.... My oncologist wants to "wait and see". I am on 2l of oxgen 24/7. I am happy to give my body a break from chemicals. So I thought it is a good time to consider alternative therapy. I've been highly recommended to try protocel. The person who it worked for had another type of cancer. I am curious to know if anyone in this community knows of anyone who tried it or has personal experience with it. OR if you have other recommendations for me, it would be appreciated.

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Hi again Karen,

I keep hearing good stuff about IP6-Inositol. I don't know if it will help but if my hospice doctor says it's OK to use with the prescriptions I take I will add it to my daily regimen.

I'm not a big supporter of alternative medicine (tend to look at things with a skeptical eye unless there's verifiable evidence).

I'm going in on the 11th of May to see if I qualify for a clinical study. If they take me I'll probably have to drop any supplements during the treatment.

By the way, there's a thread about a device called BIO-MAT. I think it's nothing but a scam and an expensive one at that.

How are you doing so far? Getting a little stronger I hope. Keep praying. I'm praying for you too. God is still in the miracle business.


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Here is one example of verifiable evidence to help you believe more in alternative therapies/medicine.

From cmbrne :
I was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma BAC, in May 05. I was told at Dx I was inoperable and untreatable at two cancer centers and given less than a year. I was forced to find my own treatment. Since that time I successfully used Novalis (radiosurgery) in 05 and Tomotherapy (Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy) in 08. I also use alternative therapy. I am presently using LDN and several supplements. I seem to be in good health. I have outlived the prognosis by 4 years. Hopefully I will continue to do well.

Karen, I agree with Bob. Pawpaw cell reg is not an expensive supplement and might be a very effective option. If you aren't using narcotics for pain you might also try LDN. I've never had chemo and have only used alternative therapy which includes Pawpaw and LDN. It will be 5 years May 7, since I was dx'd Stage IV adenocarcinoma BAC. Everybody responds differently to treatment whether it be chemo or alternative therapy. I was given less than a year and my daughter was told to call hospice in 2005. I still consider myself to be in pretty good health.

No I've never been on oxygen. I take LDN, Pawpaw, IP6, Inositol, N-A-C, Beta 1 3D Glucan, D3, MCP, and a few other supplements. If you don't take a narcotic drug for pain, you can take LDN. You will probably have to get the LDN from an Alternative Therapy physician. I order mine from a doctor in Denver. DCA is another cancer therapy that needs some investigation. I haven't started taking DCA yet.

Here is a 75 year old woman who was told by more than one oncologist they had NO viable chemo treatment for her and, 5 years ago, said she would survive less than a year. She was not willing to just curl up and feel sorry for herself; she found 2 therapies Novalis (radiosurgery) in 05 and Tomotherapy AND, she takes many alternative supplements, which are very inexpensive compared to chemo.

Robert, I pray you will do more research on alternatives and not trust your oncologist to heal you completely. There are MANY great doctors who believe chemo does more damage than good. Should I be diagnosed with cancer, I will not choose chemo to heal me. There are BILLIONS of dollars being made by oncologists and chemo manufacturers. Money can corrupt. i=

-It used to be taught to doctors "DO NO HARM!"
God Bless you Robert and I encourage you to be skeptical about ALL treatments, including chemotherapy.
P.S. Charlene is obviously still VERY sharp as shown in her well written posts. Thanks for your motivation and sharing Charlene.

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Kokomo-please do not give up. Read or have someone read Outsmart your Cancer by Tanya Pierce. Change your diet, eat only organic as much as possible. Pamela Hoeppner wrote, The Breast Stays put and she cured herself from Breast Cancer without surgery! They wanted to remove her breast and give her chemo and radiation. Protocel did it in 3 to 4 months. Although she stayed on it for over a year to be sure. it is not toxic and cannot hurt you. Ask God to guide you to do what he wants you to do. Have people from the Church pray for you. Order Kenneth & Gloria Copelands healing cd's. Have Faith and don't give up. I pray God will heal your body from all diseases! You will need to detox your body and Bio-superfood is a great supplement too. The website: Renewal and Wellness has all the stuff you need to get you started. But there are other natural ways to cure and they are in Suzanne Somers book: Breakthrough and Tanya's book. you can't take any Holistic meds while on Protocel but after wards you can take whatever you want.

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Hi Karen
I sure wish i could help !!!!
I read your profile an you have had your share of cancer.
I lost a lung and did carbo a Taxol.losing the lung was bad but the Chemo was worse an to tell ya the truth I will never know if it helped .
All my friends tried to help with all the remedies you can imagine.
a lot of people that came and visited me told me I looked so bad they didn't think I would make it.
And ya know some of them just up an died .
So I guess what I am trying to say is we will never know how long we have on this Earth .But I am going to pray for you .Maybe one day we will wake up an it will all be gone .
God bless ya Karen an best of luck to you.

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