Anyone had a spot on the LUNG that was not Cancer

My mom is scheduled for surgery on the 17th. She had chemo/radiation and finished Sept 25th. Scans done by surgeon showed a spot on the other lung. They believe it is infection/imflammation, and sent her home with antibiotics. We go back tomorrow to see if the spot went away, if not they will biopsy it. Well my mom ended up in the e/r today because she was having some pain & and a tiny bit of blood in her urine (ended up being a urinary tract infection). Anyway they did a routine chest x-ray and apparently this spot is still there. I am so scared that this is cancer and she will not be able to have surgery. Has anyone had a spot on thier lung, and it turned out to be nothing? Also will we get the results of the biopsy tomorrow? I am going nuts thinking about this.

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Take a deep breath! This spot could be scar tissue from the tx she's already received. Don't go borrowing trouble. I can't answer whether if they do a biopsy she would get the results the same day. Someone else here might be able to help with that. You know by now, this is always a waiting game. So hang in! Take care, JC

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I imagine that the spot is, at least, 8 mm if it's imageable by an x-ray--smaller lesions, generally, are not imageable by x-ray. And there is a correlation between tiny lesions and their being benign and larger lesions being malignant.

The only person, whom I know personally, who had a spot that turned out to be nothing had the following scenario. This is a dear friend, who never have lung cancer, who had a 3mm lesion (the size was only viewable on CT scan--an x-ray would not have been able to pick it up) in her lung, in June of '08, and a year later, June '09, the spot (under CT) had disappeared. There was suspicion, in the beginning, that the spot was benign since it was so small, and its edges were not spiculated (spikes or points on its surface) but smooth. The guess was that it was inflammation/inflammatory process from a former bronchitis and that is likely what it was.

No one can tell you what the spot is unless a biopsy is done; a CT (more expensive, of course) can yield more information, however, as to the suspected nature of the spot. As well, a CT can pick up any other potential lesions, which are too small to be picked up by x-ray.

I wish you luck, and I hope that the spot is nothing.

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There are many reasons for spots on the lungs that are benign and not cancerous. You might want to read:

I have numerous nodules that are being watched with 6 month scans. They can be from numerous things as described in the above article. Surgery 10 months ago to remove Lower Right Lobe and to wedge the Middle Rright Lobe. It turned out that the nodule in the middle right lobe (pathology) was Mycobacterium Avium and not Adnocarcinoma as was found in the Lower Right Lobe.

Best wishes to your MOM.......Viki

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SInce the beginning, I have had spots on my left lung (it was my right that had the tumors) They told me it was calcifications. The past three years, those spots have remained the same. Its hard not to worry, but wait til the results. I wish your mom the best.

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Yes, i have had a spot that was not cancer. it was at two different times. THe first time it was blastomicosis...a fungus that ate my right lung(the same lung the cancer is in now)....the 2nd time was emphysema. Then the last was a spot that was dismissed by one hospital only to be found 2 months that time it was 10 cms. and grown out of my lungs.

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Well we went to the hospital planning to have the biopsy done, they did a CT scan and guess what? The one spot is gone, the other (the one that lit up on the Pet) has gotten smaller. So they said no biopsy. Surgery is set for Tuesday!

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Great news!!! Our prayers for the surgery..............Viki

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My wife (47 yrs. Old) has stage IV Lung cancer and we got a scare like you did. My wife did go through a Biopsy and they could not find any cancer cells. They said it could be an infection or a blockage of the brochi. We have had two scans since then and it is getting smaller each time. Everything else in the lung is stable so the doctors are pretty sure it was something else.

That is great news that the spot went away. My prayers are with you.

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