Polyps on Vocal Cord

I am concerned today I went in for a bronchoscope and the pulmonologist said she found 2 polyps on my vocal cords, she said they look benign but just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

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I had polyps on my vocal chords many years ago, they were removed in two operations and the was the last I heard about them. Must have been about 30 years ago now and I was just told they were benign.

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Did they have any side effects? And do you have stage 4 NSCLC?

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My husband had a sore throat for a month or so. He had polyps on his vocal cords and had them removed. No problems after.

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Only sign was a rather hoarse voice, no effects after except having to whisper for a while and I had/have stage 1B LC operated on in August 2010.

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