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I had a new friend mention PH balance to me Sunday night and now I have the title to the book she was referring to. Has anyone tried to make your PH Balance basic? She told that if you put your PH balance to be basic, cancer can't grow. It sounds to me like another one of those "cancer is your fault" type things so I'm very leery. Has anyone studied this? I don't have the time to put into studying it, and I really don't want to read the "cancer is your fault" crap anyway...especially if there is no basis to it. Here is the book info: PH MIRACLE LIVING by Dr. Robert Young.

Thanks for your input. :)


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Hi Lorie,
I have read about this and bought urine test strips at the health food store. I try to keep it below 7.5 which was the recommendation I saw. It goes back to the discussion about acid vs. alkaline. Trouble is just about everything can cause the system to become acid: meats, milk products, sodas, sweets, carbs, etc. The only thing left to eat is veggies and fish, which I can do only so long. That is part of the reason I lost so much weight. But the PH thing really makes sense. Dr. Weill advocates for it in his books.

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Hi Lorbeth,
My best friend works at an organic grocery store and gave the the heads up on PH levels when I was 1st diagnosed. She also gave me this kit ...

After reading the booklet that came with it figured it made sense and couldn't couldn't hurt. Nothing wrong with healthy eating ... Anyway, I do use the strips daily to monitor my PH levels, and adjust my diet accordingly. I think it's important to throw everything, including the kitchen sink, at the nasty beast to increase our chances of beating it down. With all the stuff that I do, including chemo, my cancer has fallen off the radar so now I'm too afraid to stop doing anything not really knowing how that happened.


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I have been told this by quite a few people too but i think the best approach is what my Dr suggested - Med. diet high in veggies, no read meat, good fats, no refined sugars or processed foods. I have been driving myself nuts with this too and i finally decided that it is all about balance. I don't think there is anything we did to get this horrible disease. Hell my mother in law is ninety one and lives on sugar, fat, you name it and..she has the most negative attitude. go figure!! I also believe that we must use proven medical treatments that are available. I would never think of just trying the alternative route. There is not enough science or studies to actually back it up. Sure there are people that have tried it and gone in to remission but it's way too risky a proposition for me. This cancer has scared the crap out of me and I live with the fear everyday but I will not let it consume my life and give up everything that I enjoy. I still plan on having my glass of wine and if i get a craving for chocolate I am going to indulge.

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Munker, we sound a lot alike. My grandpa was 104 when he died and he still drank a pot of coffee a day (or two pots), and had fried eggs and bacon for breakfast every day. He didn't consider it a good meal unless it was swimming in grease. LOL My diet is already limited because I have Celiac Disease, and I just don't even want to think about limiting it any more. My dd has a ton of food allergies, too, so we all eat like she does for the most part so I don't have to cook two meals for dinner every night. ;)

Thanks so much, everyone, for your input. :)


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yeah. i can relate to the allergies and stomach. I broke out in severe hives this weekend and ended in the hosptial again. no idea what caused it. Drs think maybe my immune system is still screwy from surgery so now i am on steroids for a week. I would like to go for a straight month without any issues!

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I don't think it can stop us from getting cancer because I was already doing all that, and using the test strips and working out, juicing etc before they found cancer. I watch it and juice etc because I believe it makes sense to keep as healthy as possible. I still grab my bowl if Pecane Pralene Ice cream or Peach cobbler (tonight)YUM...I) I believe the word is moderation. Keeping your system Alkaline is actually much easier than you may think and is a good idea. It certainly can't hurt.
Take Care....

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I spend hours a day researching alternative medicine since I was diagnosed. I choose not to do any of the conventional medicine. Lung cancer is the most difficult cancer to treat, so I read, even with alternative medicine. keeping you PH balance is important because cancer can not grow in an alkline or oxygen body. Dr. Otto Warburg won the Noble Prize (1923) for his discovery of the cause and prevention of cancer. His book " The Metbolism of Tumors" In short says.. cancer cell live on sugar. Cancer can not gorw in Oxygen. Sugar robbe the cell of Oxygen and feed the cancer.

To help keep your body alkline eat mostly organic fruits and veggies. I find this hard so I juice most of my fruits and veggies. It has mand a big differents in theway I feel and the pain has gone.

best of luck

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My dad died of lung cancer and I am now his age when he contracted it. My grandfather died the same way and age.

I am trying to eat healthy and I have been using tablets to ensure I am alkalized sufficiently as per this discussion... 2 weeks now.

It is hard to know if there is any difference but I feel drawn to do it...certainly forces me to drink water, 2-3 liters a day which leaves little room for other drinks than my 1 coffee a day.

I understand by doing this, acid stores in cells will be in check which is my aim.

pH Questions:

What happens to existing acid stores in cells?
Can these do damage having them?


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Dear Lorie,

I know you don't share the idea that you are responsible for this disease, but for me, I am sure I had something to do with mine.

I have loved health foods for years, but I also loved ciggarettes. They don't mix. Although I dont believe ciggarettes caused it per se, I do believe I set off my immune system in a bad way along with allowing myself the luxury of negative thinking.

I believe keeping your pH balance is extremely important. For me keeping it is the difference of how sick or not I am on chemo as well.

Cantaloupe, watermelon are high alkaline because drugs and chemicals are high acid.

Also baking soda in water balances it temporarily.

I believe our cancers are 3 fold diseases. Spiritual, Mental and Physical and something was out of balance with me.

I am not afraid to admit my faith has not always been strong otherwise I could not stress out so much.

Angie, stage IV small cell neuro endocrine cancer

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May be of some hep to you:

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Yes absolutely and thank God the public is finally becoming aware of this! Most Oncologist don't know this simple Rule #1 when it comes to beating cancer which is why I can be anti-Western Medicine at times. Congratulations on learning this! This site will help you further as far as treatments that should help. I am totally against Western Medicine against cancer and this guy is one of the most well versed when it comes to alternative: and as you will see there is a specific page for Lung Cancer. Godspeed.

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Please try-

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