PET scan did not show my lung cancer

I had lung surgery for a cancerous nodule that lit up on my PET scan. While they were in there, they removed another nodule that turned out to be cancerous, also. (A separate cancer) This did not light up on my PET scan. So, I guess, in the future, I should not have PET scans and go right to a biopsy for anything that shows up on a CT scan?

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What was a separate cancer? Not everything will necessarily show up on a PET, it may not be large enough to light up at the time of the scan. You're doctor will know what to do if you end up having a recurrence. Though that PET didn't show one area, a new one might show it somewhere else. What did you end up being diagnosed with? Take care, Judy

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Slow-growing cancers may not light up on a PET scan. If the cancer is not growing rapidly, then the cells are not burning energy to divide rapidly. This actually can cause problems with a biopsy, too. They are all tools with limitations, but even apparent "non-information" yields another piece of the puzzle. So if you have a new nodule, and it doesn't light up on a PET you will at least know that it is not a rapidly growing nodule.

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I had two separate tumors - l moderately-differentiated adenocarcinoma, predominantly papillary tupe, measuring 0.8 cm in greatest dimension and the second tumor was 0.6cm in greatest dimension, well-differentiated adenocarcinoma predominantly lepidic type - minimally invasive ( just copied all this from my report!)
Tumor is positive for CK7 and TTF-1 and negative for CK20, cdx-2, WT-1, mammaglobin and GCDFP-15 (whatever the hell this means!)
The smaller tumor did not light up on the PET scan

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