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Hi, My dad has just started PCI. He has competed his second treatment with next three PCI, next monday, Tues, Wed. He is feeling really tired and fell asleep with a cup of coffee in his hand at the hospital today. He does stay up late though and is up early for hospital appointments, so I ask him that he needs to rest and go to bed earlier. I know that feeling tired is a side effect of PCI, but I wanted to know other peoples experiences. I asked if he needed steroids but the doctor said wait and see. He was sick slightly this morning and doc told him to take his anti sickness tablets. I am getting married next saturday and so want him to be well and have a lovely beautiful day as he has been so looking forward for this. He was considering delaying PCI until after the wedding but he wanted to get it out of the way ( his Words) but today he said it might have been better to start after. I said we have done the right thing as if we had delayed you would have been worrying abut it and well we have started it now, so no regrets eh. Any information appreciated. Thanks everyone Juliex

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Hi Julie, my Dad was so tired and weak and had no appetite after the PCI.....it lasted for a few months before things turned around. Don't lose hope or give up! My Dad had 10 sessions (5 days each week). It was in July 2007 and he really started feeling the worst Aug, Sep, and Oct. He tried different meds and they didn't seem to help, we just needed to give it time. But keep him eating and drinking! Some small snacks was easier for my Dad than a meal, and his tastes totally changed so you have to just buy and try different things.

Take care,

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Thanks for sharing your dads experience. Its is very hard but I wont give up hope, thats what gets me through each day. Dads are so special. He was very tired today and wrenching again and was a little wobbly on his feet after PCI but he still manages to laugh. It gives me hope when I hear about your dad still fighting after 2 years - He is a fighter. Take Care- Thanks for your reply I didn't think i was going to get any. Juliex

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Yes, Dads sure are great and there is something special about being Daddy's little girl no matter how old we are! My Dad still isn't as steady on his feet but he is getting around great considering all he has been through. Congratulations on your wedding! Take care!

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I hope all was well for your wedding and that your dad was feeling okay. I'll keep you both in prayer.

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Let your Dad set the pace as much as possible. He cannot store sleep like a chipmunk so when he wants to he will. Steroids have side effects. He may eventually need them but no sense rushing into them. Take him for daily walks as oddly enough such moderate exercise does help with the fatigue. Keeping well hydrated at ALL times really is important and he will feel better for it realatively speaking. Organic chicken broth, other soups such as squash, organic tomato, watermelon straight or blended, wet veggies such as cucumber, celery will help too. Anti nausea meds as needed are are great idea.

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Thanks for your reply - I will take your advise and I will make him some soups and buy the others tomorrow. He is still being sick which is worrying me and is not eating much but I am going to speak to the nurse tomorrow.
The great new is that he gave me away yesterday and it was a fantastic day for all - there were lots of laughter, joy and tears. It was one of the best days.

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I am so glad the wedding went so very well. I saw your post. Yesterday was probably totally exhausting for your Dad in his present condition. So he will need a couple of days to recoup from that. I would recommend the following to you which I recommend to all.
"Natural Strategies For Cancer Patients" by Russell L. Blaylock, M.D., and retired neurosurgeon.
The book is about $16 at some health food stores and assorted web sites.

For me this was very empowering.
Nutritionist from Cancer Centers of America 60 minute audio specific to lc. http://www.gildasclubtx.org/resources/mp3/BeckyWright_Lung.mp3
My advice would be to support his body with serious nutrition and supplementation. That is what I do and I think it has helped me a lot. The easiest and least expensive is to keep well hydrated at all times with water. Wet fruits such as watermelon straight or blended with ice and wet vegetables such as cucumber help too.
The City of Hope radiation nutritionist told me the body needs protein 3 X D as building blocks to heal: tofu, 4 T whey powder, chicken, fish, organic chicken broth, brown rice & beans.

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