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Good morning. We are one week post first chemo session. Day one and two were great, we were very upbeat that this was going to be a breeze, but on day three wow, nausea, fatigue, no appetite, stomach pains, diarrhea then constipation, weakness. Today is first day he feels somewhat better. He is on cisplatin/alimta combo, taking folic acid pills every day and has had B-12 injections. I started making him milk shakes with ice cream, milk, sugar-free vanilla pudding, and scoop of protein powder and he is enjoying and keeping these down. Any other suggestions? I love this site and the caring people who post on it.

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Call your Oncologist - there are too many drugs out there to help with the symptoms and no need to suffer. I assume he takes some kind of steroid before during and after chemo? The diarrhea will go away, drink lots of fluids but you might stay away from fruit except bananas - bananas help with diarrhea. Sometimes dairy products aggravate it also - gas and bloating, so you might want to keep them to a minimum.
I did the Carbo/Alimta - 6 rounds - and it's rough but generally do-able. After that I have been on Alimta maintenance - much easier to tolerate.
Best wishes,

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Is he taking anti-nausea meds? Unfortunately, these are common side effects. The stomach pain could be from the bowels issues. He can take over the counter meds for diarrhea or constipation. Staying hydrated is key, lots of water or something with electrolytes. Wishing you the best. Take care, Judy

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When I was on cisplatin I would go in for additional hydration, it seemed I could never drink enough water when I was feeling that way. A friend suggested that I go to the cancer clinic for more hydration so I asked the doctor and he agreed. I went in for the next two days after each remaining treatment and that really seemed to help. I hope your husband's treatments get easier on him and you.

You are both in my prayers,

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Dear Mcdowd,
I am sorry to hear he is hit so bad. When I was on cisplatin/etoposide they gave me Emend for nausea. It is expensive but works great.I had Compazine and if that did not work Ativan (Lorazepam) for breakthrough nausea. don't wait with taking meds for nausea. It does not go away, if there is the slightest suggestion of it coming on, take the meds.

Now when I am on Alimta alone I take zofran. It works.
It is absolutely crucial to stay on top of fluids. Drink, and then drink some more.

I hope the next treatment will not be as harsh.


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I had cisplatin/taxol and Day 3 was my worst day, too. Cisplatin is known for it's harsh side effects, but it's also one of the most effective chemos for lung cancer. Do talk to your doc about Emend--mine gave me 6 days of Emend, instead of the usual 3, and my nausea never got too bad. But the fatigue and hit-by-a-truck feeling was still there. I mostly just slept on days 3 and 4. Then I was just tired and weak for several more days, but I didn't feel that bad, as long as I could rest most of the time. I did try to get up and walk around several times throughout the day, too, though.

Good luck and God bless,

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Thank you all for your support, suggestions and kind words. He is on Zofran and two others (I have lost track of all the names of his meds). I will check with the oncologist to see what else we can give him. Thanks again.

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A tablespoon of peanut butter and a tablespoon of vegetable oil, blended together will mix nicely into your milk shake and add an additional 300 calories. Lots of water will help flush the chemo quicker.

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Those milkshakes sound good. The protein is good because it helps to rebuild the muscle that the chemo damages. joewilly's peanut butter suggestion would be an excellent addition. But to echo other's posts, plenty of water is critical.

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