Is it common not to get sick from the chemo/radiation treatments. My dad when through the chemo/radiation for about 8 weeks chemo every monday and radiation 5 days a week. I thank God he has not gotten sick from that because he has encountered everything else with the damn treatments like pneumonia twice, being dehydrated, having blood transfusions etc. I was just curious if this is normal or not for him not to get sick to his stomache.

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I had the same regimen three years ago and didn't get sick from it. Everyone is different. I continued to work through the treatments. The only thing I may have done to help was to drink lots of water. Other than that, I was just plain blessed.

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your dad is one lucky man...
after my 1st chemo i was violenty ill ..was in the hosptial for 11 days ....need to be put on the relative of navalbine or sisplantum...
and now takin some time off bfor my 2nd treatment.
God Bless

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I did not get sick from Chemo. My Cocktail was Taxotere and Carboplatinum. I did lose my hair, and one day I felt a little nauseas. Day 2 or 3, it would knock me on my butt until about day 7 or 8 and then I was rebounded until it was time to do it again. You have to stay hydrated though.

I never had radiation and feel I was very blessed.
Hope dad's treatments continue to be without incident.
Much Love,

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I never really got sick from my chemo and radiation treamtments 14 years ago. (Cisplatin and VP16) and 36 treatments of radiation. And I know of many people that say the same thing, Everyone is different in this journey,and I have found most people don't get as sick as they use to many moons ago. (smile)

I had a little nausea for the first two treatments and that was about it for me. Others in my In Person Lung Support group report pretty much the same.

Tell your dad to hang in there. I hope he does't get sick and I hope and pray he will come through all of this in flying colors like I did.

P.S. Tell you dad I am cheering him on.

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Hi Connie..
Thanks my dad is starting to lose his beautiful head of hair but that also did not start falling out right away, he has been on a break from the chemo/radiation now for about 3 weeks. He goes in on the 26th of June for his first PET scan since he started his treatment. I pray it has not spread anywhere else other than his lung. It seems like when I read these posts alot of times it spreads to the liver, brain, spine. I sure hope that is not the case for dad. How are you doing as of today?

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No never got sick to my stomach either, I would feel nauseated once in each cycle of chemo but it didn't last long, maybe an hour. unfortunately treatments can and do make your blood work go out of whack, and it is so important to keep having it checked before each treatment. These are the trade offs we make to kill the cancer. Some are easier on us than other drugs. i was on Gemzar for the most part of my chemo regime and didn't have any blood dyscrasias. But I had many other problems that came and went.
god bless Sandy

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Thanks Sandy,
I tell you it is so weird seeing my dad go through this crap. He lives in KY and I am in AZ so it make it that much more difficult to just be so far away and feel so helpless. My whole family (5) kids in all live very far from mom & dad. It just make me so sick to have to see him go through this when he was never sick a day in his life. Worked forever and then retired only to get this horrific cancer. I believe he was also on Taxol & I think the other one is Carbo. I read so many of these posts and it just amazes me how many lives are affected by cancer. What type do you have and how did they treat you?

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Hi Marie,

Yes, it true that (IF) lung cancer should spread, it appear to go to the spin, liver, and head, but that doesn't happen to everyone either. So, do your best to stay positive.

I did my chemo treatments, 3 weeks on, 3 weeks off for 4 sessions. I lost my hair too, but that's the worst of it, at least for me.

I am doing well today. We are at this time watching 3 suspesious nodules that I have, in my one and only lung, but I have been cancer free for the last 14 years, so can't complain. It appears to be back now, but honest I am doing good so far. You can read my story if you click onto LTLCS my user name.

Holler if I can be on any help to you or your dad. He's in my thoughts and prayers. He can beat this too!

Hugs, Connie

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Thank you so much Connie...
That is awesome you have been cancer free for 14 years. I will also pray for those nasty little nodules you have.. I do my best to stay positive.. some days are better than other but I guess that is to be expected. My dad has a great attitude about it. He started out in January with Colon cancer has some of that removed along with his gall bladder (spelling?) in the hospital for a week, then two days later back in the hospital with a bleeding olcur. Then he was having a hard time breathing and they did a scan on his lungs and found the 6cm tumor. Has had pneumonia twice, blood transfusions, shots for low white blood count. His onc nurses day he will have ups and downs, but my goodness enough with the downs for a while. I just hope and pray his first PET scan on this Friday will give us some good news.. Thanks for your wonderful thoughts...

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