Non Calcified Lung Nodule

ok...So I recently had a chest x-ray that showed a nodule in my lung. This was found unintentionally by an urgent care radiologist.

At any rate...I was ordered to follow up with my PCP who ordered me a CT w/Contrast. The results came back saying that I have multiple small nodular opacities measuring approx. 5mm. There are also non calcified nodules on the left lower lobe measuring 5-9mm and in the lingula measuring 5mm.

I was also told that I had mildy prominent prevascular lymph nodes measuring 1x1.5 cm & 1x2cm.

Originially they wanted to test me for Valley fever, which they did and it came back negative...

I have no idea what any of this means and I am terrified. I have been a fairly heavy smoker for about 12 years now (Quit cold turkey on the 17th of Oct. becuase of this scare.)

Could anyone offer any advice?? Does anyone know what all of the above gibberish to me means? I am very scared.. and I have an appointment with a pulmonologist for this first time on Monday at 11. Does anyone know what I should expect from him on the first vist?

Any responses would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Kirsti, your findings looks similar to me!see my profile Hope all of those nodules are benign.
Ask for EBUS bronchoscopy for biopsy.


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I mean similar to mine.

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Dear Kirsit,

LIkely that he will review your X-ray and CT results.

this is the chance to ask him what all of the CT results gibberish mean in plain english words!
For example, what do these calcified nodules are, what are the small nodular opacities, and lastly what the prevascular lymphoid thing is.

I am not an expert, but a computerized tomography with contrast would provide a little more information on the integrity (solid vs non solid) of these nodules, correct?

a bronchoscopy would actually remove some cells and tissue.

and a PET scan with contrast would label any tissue that is metabolizing fructrose, correct?

options.... less invasie - CT and PET
more invase - bronchoscopy.

I would explore the non invasive options first and then depending on the outcomes (good, not good or questionable) proceed with a biopsy.

Above all, do not go alone. YOu are already feeling scared and anxious.

Everybody needs a friend that can think for the other person - someone that cares for you and hopefully a little more knowledgeable than you.

I've taken time from my work to go with a friend of a friend of a friend to her doctor's appoitnment.

You will be in my prayers.


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So you were diagnosed with LC? I see that you took Xalkori. Ins't that the treatment for cancer? Are you cancer free now? Hope all is well and thank you for the response

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Thank you for responding and yes the CT w/ Contast was definitely the way to go. I suppose it helps the radiologists see the nodules even more so than just a regular CT scan.

I have a family memeber going with me to the pulmonologist on Monday. I couldnt imagine doing any of this alone :(.

Thank you for all your insight on different tests and questions to ask the doctor. I appreciate it.

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You have similar signs like non calcified nodes ,multiple small nodules in the lower lobes and prevascular adenopathy ( mediastinal adenopathy). But in addition ,I had one consolidation spot ( which turned out to be NSCLC , confirmed by EBUS).
Rest of them turned out to be sarcoidosis( confirmed by biopsy) which is benign. So a some what rare case with both sarcoidosis and Adenocarcinoma.

I am taking Xalkori and had Targeted radiation to treat Adenocarcinoma.
I am doing good , next scan is coming up! I am praying that, it will be a good one too.

So not all nodules are dangerous, but better to get a biopsy done and confirm what you will be dealing with?
Good luck , and update.


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Could anyone explain to me what I might expect at my pulmonologist appointment on Monday?

This will be my first appointment and I will bring my results from the radiologists and whatever else is needed.

I am nervous and am just curious as to what you think he might do.

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I will definitely update as soon as I have any information

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Most probably he will order some lab work to rule out infections, autoimmune conditions, and a biopsy of the lymphnodes, although getting biopsy of the nodules less than 5 mm is tough. He may refer to a thoracic surgeon if mediastinoscopy is preffered over EBUS.


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Thank you B

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Kristi, I wish I could help. Four years ago a regular chest x-ray showed I had enlarged lymph nodes in the lungs. I was sent to a specialist who then subjected me to CT scans and wanted to biopsy the lungs, but my regular doctor said, "You DON'T want to do THAT". The last CT scan I had resulted in there being a calcified object in the lungs. I stopped having the CT-Scans because of radiation. My last chest X-ray showed nothing irregular. It is all a mystery to me. By the same token, your findings may not have any sinister meaning whatsoever. Keep us posted.

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I think he will order a PET scan to see if there is any uptake on the nodules or anywhere else in your body. You should go to a website You can have your questions and concerns answered by a lung cancer specialist usually within 24 hrs.

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Thank u both

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After an abdominal CT two weeks ago, I was told that I had a nodule in my lower right lung...apparently it had been there for a year (showed up in an earlier CT), but no one told me about it. A chest CT was ordered to see the rest of my lungs, and showed that there are 4 of 5....3 in my left lung, 2 in my right. I am told that they are too small to biopsy or PET Scan (largest is 4mm), and the 'standard protocol' is to be re-scanned at a later date to see if they grow. Since I have been a smoker for many years, I will be re-scanned in 3-4 months rather the 12 months recommended by the radiologist.

I too am terrified....I keep thinking what are the chances that FIVE of these things will all be benign?? I hope for the best for both of us.....

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Oh no! Tracy it is scary...I feel you on that note. I am also a smoker (well quit on the 17th of Oct.).

When I saw the Pulmonologist Monday he thinks that I too have had the nodule for quite some time. He is running a bunch of blood tests to rule out other causes of infection possibly. He also ordered a repeat CT scan in the next month and I have a follow up appt. with him on the 17th of December. The doc said because of where my nodules are located that the needle biopsy would not be possible so it would have to be more invasive and he doesnt want to do that quite yet.

I know I am new to this as well but message me if you have any questions or if you just need someone to talk to.

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