There was a discussion recently on the neulasta shot, about how bad it makes you feel.
My first chemo treatment of taxotere, was awful. I had some many side effects, i was considering never taking another one. The doc suggested not giving the neulasta shot, just to see if that was what it was. I had my next treatment of taxotere on 01/07/2013. I have not had one, single side effect,nothing. So, now i know that i am reacting to the shot,not the chemo. I am concerned about not having it though, worried that my immunity witll drop, and i will be succeptible to catching everything i con in contact with. Is there another shot similar to the neulasta, that i could be given?

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I do not know about the shot. I see all the comments on here but I never had one during my treatments.
There was one week, I did not get chemo due to my blood counts. I was pretty careful on washing my hands and trying to avoid those that were sick...but I worked full time and was around people. Good luck with it and hope the your counts stay good. Keep us advised.

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This is sometimes given with certain chemo drugs, but not all. As you know since you had carbo/alimta first. They will check your counts and if you need something, there is another shot that can be given Neupogen. Whether you get the shot or not, you should always avoid sick people and large crowds while getting treatment. Take care, Judy

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Aranesp and Procrit are for red blood cells, anemia.
Neulasta is white blood cells dealing with bone marrow. Neupogen is the other one for WBC.
Take care, Judy

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I also get taxotere, getting my 6th treatment tomorrow. I also get Aranesp for my red blood counts. I had 6 hours of transfusions about 2months ago , and feel that the shot is better then sitting in a chair for all that time. Thankfully my RBC have been good so the shot is doing its work and I haven't needed another shot for a couple of treatments, and I count that as an upside. I haven't had any side effects from the shot, but taxotere is something else. Feet neuropathy, loss of hair, weepy eyes, and swollen feet and ankles but no real nausea ?
Best of luck to you!

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