My mom's reaction to radiation

My mother completed 11 weeks of chemo, now has started radiation, and gets sick just about every morning, wondering if anyone else has had this happen?

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My son has vomited every morning since his 5th radiation treatment. He is now on 24 of 30. Though his radiation is pn his leg, and the radiation doctor says doesnt really happen, the oncologist told us does not matter where radiation is going, itcan cause vomiting and tiredness. It is causing cellular damage, and has effects. My son calls it morning sickness. Dr said he doesnt worry if there is no weight loss involved.

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Mom didn't have any nausea throughout her radiation treatments, but I distinctly remember reading other posts at the time about it. The one suggestion that I have read more than any others it seems, is to tell your onc. about it and see if they will give you medication to help with the side-effects. Even without weight-loss, nausea and vomiting is miserable, not to mention the possibility of becoming dehydrated, especially while doing radiation treatments.

I hope some others will chime in and let us know if they went through this and if so, if they were prescribed anything to help.

I hope this eases for your Mom very soon! Sorry she's going through it!


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Hi: 11 weeks she has a n iron constitution. My radiation experience was they said do 35 weeks. I got to 19, had a burned skin which was fixed in a coucple odf days by some wonderful (old) cream with zinc in it. I did 28 treatments and said no more. After 11 months a fracture developed in my sacrum bone (not rare, but not totally uncommon ac cording to vaarious studies around the globe). Took about 6 months to heal - I could put my weight on it with the walker but needed some fentynal patches for the initial pain. NowI can walk gingerly because it feels like a muscle ache din my right buttock (the ienitial pain was in the left side... I think I may help it somewhat with exercises for the big buttock muscle. Just remember what the Mindful Meditation crowd says :If you can breathe in and out, there's more right with you than wrong.. Good luck. S.

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Reading all this stuff about nausea and vomiting, all I can say is if this retrograde state, which has just allowed the marijuana dispensaries to open after trying to stop it every way they can for two years had not allowed me to get a legal card to purchase pot, I would have bought it in two seconds on the street. I got the card because there's plenty of research, not only about the nausea/vomiting help, but that it shows every indication of slowing the growth of lung cancer tumors among other things. They've spent 50 - 75 years suppressing any research they can to stop people from obtaining some relief from these symptoms and will continue to do so until every state in the union makes it clear that the public won't put up with it any longer. Many oncologists know all this rotten business but where would their careers be if they began blowing the whistles. Recent survey showed about 45 % of oncologists told their patients to use pot for the nausea etc. Just one more beyond outrage chapter in the disgraceful history of cancer research in this wonderful "bottom line$$$" society we live in. S.

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