My mom has stage 4 non small cell adeno lung cancer....

Hi, first time posting, though I have been on the site several times for encouragement. My mom, 48, was diagnosed with stage 4 nonsmall cell adenocarcinoma in June of this year. She is on Carboplatin and Alimta (Hope I spelled those correctly). Her doctor, while very nice and experienced) is only trying to maintain her instead of being super aggressive. They told us that there is no cure for her. She had one big tumor on each lung and a lot of small tumors. There was also a spot in her pelvic area but they were not so worried about that. The good news is that after doing 3 treatments of the chemo she had a pet scan and they are saying all of the small tumors are gone and the big tumors have shrunk some howerver now they are saying the one on her pelvic/hip are has grown a bit and its on the bone. Can they be more aggressive? Is there a better treatment or stronger chemo that anyone knows of with good results? Also, on a lot of these discussions I see NED, what does that mean? Im not quite up with all the lingo yet....Thank you!! We are scared but she is trying to fight with all she has.....

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NED means No Evidence of Disease. It's to solid tumors what remission is to cancers of the blood.

I'm afraid I can't help you with your question about the bone lesions. The other report was encouraging though.

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While she may not be able to be cured, she could become stable or NED. Her chemo is following protocol for adeno. Has her tissue been tested for mutations? If she's positive for either of the mutations, EGFR or ALK-she could take a pill instead of chemo and this has been shown to keep cancer at bay for a very long time. Wishing her the best.
Take care, Judy

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Thank you for replying!

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When she was first diagnosed they did test the tissue after doing a biopsy. She does not have the mutation so she could not do the pill form....

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Have they discussed the possiblity of radiating the pelvis/hip?


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I am new here. I just wanted to say I am sorry about your mother. It is really a hard fight.

I just learned this week my brother has stage 4 cancer in the lung with spreading to lymph nodes and adrenal glands.


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Cheryll, they have said they could do radiation but would have to stop chemo because it would lower her bone marrow to much....

Debra, I will definitely add your brother and your family to my list of prayers.

God bless you all and thank you for replying to my post =)

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To kids, Mom always seems 'old" but 48 is really young in the great scheme of things. Your Mom's relative youth should help her. I know you must be scared. If you look through this site you will discover many people in your Mom's situation who are living happy, almost "normal" lives. It is worth the effort to read those posts~ they will inspire you and fill you with hope. I'll be praying that everything continues to shrink and that they find something that can address the spot on her bone.

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