muscles twitching on carbo/alitma

Lee just had his fith round of carbo/alitma, his twitching is getting so bad that it is hard to control a computer mouse or even hold a phone or fork for too long. when he sleeps he is constantly twitching, jerking and his teeth are now slamming together up and down, What is this from, the doctor seems clueless as to what it is, says may be side effect of chemo. he added magnesium to his chemo this round. so i guess one more round of this then on to maintenance if all remains stable.

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Neuropathy can cause twitching but so can chemical imbalances in the body. If it is that severe, I would think that labs need to be done to be sure that it isn't caused by something like Calcium being too high or Sodium too low. You should call the onc's office today and let them know how severe the twitching is or head for an ER or even a walk in clinic and have them draw labs.


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Have them check his potassium if they haven't already. My Mom had low potassium which caused a lot of muscle twitching.

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Re: the possibility of imbalanced blood chemistry, if twitching is like cramps, consider both potassium and magnesium balance:
I think I might have read somewhere calcium, too.

You could ask your doctor to check levels. No point in trying a remedy for something that isn't really a problem.

Best hopes,

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I have "Essential Tremor Disorder" before I got lung cancer which causes shaking in hands and if really stressed or overexerted head will shake too as well as voice. After treatment it has become soooo bad that i can not even print or write and have difficulty carrying plates, cups, etc. I need to go to a neurologist to see what meds i can get to hopefully calm it down some. it is a very frustrating and depressing illness but is not deadly like Parkinsons and is usually inhererited. The actress Kathereen Hepburn had it. Billy Ray Cyrus is a advocate for the "ETF" Foundation. Look it up online and let me know if you feel this is what he may be experiencing. Good Luck!

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I have been noticing that Scott's feet/legs have been twitching a bit when he sleeps. He is on maintenance Avastin & Alimta.

Lee's sounds more serious though so like others have mentioned this is definetely something to look further into.


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