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Dear inspire Friends,
About a week ago I wrote about how my mom's cancer was stable and I was so happy. How things change so fast. On Tues night I went to her house after work like I do every night. She was lying in bed coughing and couldn't catch her breath. She said she had been that way for 2 hours and coughed up brown flem. I called her primary Dr. as he is also a family friend and he sent us to the ER. They gave her a couple of breathing treatments and steroids and she was stable. After an x-ray they decides she had pnemonia and were keeping her for a few days. The next morning (yesterday) I called the hospital and was told she was moved to ICU. She had another coughing fit in the middle of the night and her heart rate and blood pressure went crazy. I went to see her after work and she was doing a lot better. Her O2 was at 95 and was her normal self. Now this morning I called the hospital again and they said she was coughing again and it wouldn't stop and had to put her on the o2 mask. She was suffering all day and I finally saw her tonight after work. Very scary... They did a CT and said the cancer progressed and a tumor was wrapped around her bronchial tube. This is why she can't breath. They also said her white counts were back to normal so the pnemonia is clearing up and not the issue. So now the pulmonologist wants to put a stent into her bronchial tube and drain some of the fluid to see if it helps. I want her to get better but don't want her to suffer. She's talking like it's the end and it's so hard to hear. My emotions are just so crazy with all these ups and downs. Any advice or similar experiences would be appreciated as always.

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No similar experience but my prayers are with you and your mom. My dad has stage iv nsclc and is stable at the moment, but I feel like I'm living under constant fear of what may be around the corner. Stay strong and I know you'll get some great advice and support here. Carrie

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Prayers for mom and you. How lucky she is to have you at her side. I know you are scared, LC is scary.
I have heard of successful stents. Praying for you both,

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Prayers for yu and your mom.

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I will keep you and your mom in my prayers.9

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I have you and your Mom in my prayers. Each day I pray for my Inspire friends. It sounds like they are on top of your Mom's condition and are offering solutions.

After seeing your post picture, I though you looked about the age of my oldest son. So your Mom is so young. I sure she has been so frightened by this uncontrolled cough. This is scary stuff. My kids have been worried about me too.

They have many solutions to make us more comfortable and to even shrink our cancer if surgery is impossible. I pray for your Mom a treatment/chemo can reduce the tumor but in the mean time, I pray the stent will give her some relief.

Keep looking up and praying for your strength. These things take time to resolve. Pray for patience and trust in the hope of healing care.
Julie JB

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So sorry for all your mom is going through. Hope
they can make a difference for her so she will
start feeling better.

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I will keep your Mom in my prayers.

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mom is where she needs to be right now to get the care she needs. thank heavens she is getting help getting better!!!

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I Just went through this very same thing with my mom. I will lift your mom and family up in prayer as I know how awful this is... Hang in there..

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Hi , I feel for you...I have been lucky lately since so far mom is doing ok...for now. This past March was HELL, hospital visits and just waiting and waiting ...and hoping it is gonna be ok. I am so sorry to hear your mom is having this trouble. I think draining the phlem would be a good thing, looks like the doctors have a plan to help make it easier to relieve the pressure of the tumor. I am keeping you in my prayers. Stay strong for mom. take care, Mcihelle

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Hi there,

Maybe when her infection is completely gone and she has recovered from that, they can use some kind of radiation to at least shrink the tumor around the bronchial tube? I suppose they have considered it and have maybe rejected that solution for some reason, but it's worth asking about.


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