Miracle drink for lung cancer. Does this work?

Does anybody tried and seemed helping ?

Visit this link for miracle drink:

http://lachicaorganica.wordpress.com/2011/03/01/miracle-drink-carrot-beetro ot-and-apple/


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It's clear that healthy diet, limited red meat and vegetables have a mild beneficial impact. The jury is still out about whether good diet can reverse the cellular changes that comprise cancer. One would be hard put to say this particular vegetable combination can do a lot.

Like you say, check what other people say about how they feel.

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Dearest Vaas,
Though I would love to believe "Yes! this is the cure" I think if it truly did cure cancer, everyone would be drinking it and by now it would be a up there with the Nobel Peace prize. I agree with howian, it definitely sounds healthy, and probably tasty, but for those with cancer it might be high in sugars...just a thought.

My husband turned down chemo when diagnosed with Stage IV LC at age 56, and instead faithfully followed a regimen of wheat grass and green juice, sprouts and raw veggie diet. He was convinced if he could optimize his immune system, he would be able to cure his cancer.

Though he was in really great health for quite a while, and almost stopped his tumor growth much to the surprise of his doctors, his cancer figured things out soon enough and sadly he passed 18 months after diagnosis. You can read my profile for his story if your want...

Perhaps some forms of lung cancer and other illnesses may respond to this 'cure', but we learned it is a risk to put all your eggs, or vegetables, into one treatment basket...However, fighting cancer is an individual choice, and there are many stories of people who have managed to do just that on alternative treatments. The mind-body-spirit connection is a very powerful force, so all things are possible. Though for some, cancer will still win. Perhaps it is a choice of how you want to live with your cancer...

You might want to check out:



All the best to you...

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Hi Vaas, in 2002 I was diagnosed with NSCLC Stage 4,
I started juicing organically, yes juicing is great, it gives you energy, builds your immune system, also add bunches of greens and also fruit. I used a juicer and got lots of recipes. Truly it saved my life. Of course I also did vits/minerals, healing touch Reiiki, massage therapy w/lymphatic drainage etc. I had 2 surgeries a right adrenalectomy and a right upper lobectomy. Praise God I am healed, just celebrated my 10th yr. By the way I did not have to take chemo or radiation. Also, very little red meat, organic stuff as much as possible, especially dairy. Purified water also.
Keep it up and God Bless you. love olga

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raw fresh veggies and the wheatgrass, green drinks are all beneficial...to build your immune system...but won't cure the cancer...it will give your immune system the best chance ever, to fight..
Hippocrates Health Institute in
West Palm Beach has this program that I attended..and repeat....I did it prior to my first line chemo of Etopicide and carbo....plus radiation...
My immune system was great..I never had a bad day..no nausea, no nothing...that was almost 3 years ago...I now am vegan...not raw tho...that was stressing me too much..but i'm doing well...and feeling great....Read The China
Study too....tells about why an all plant based diet is superior to anything with animal based diets..

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Vaas, my understanding is Stage 4 would have brain met? Maybe I am wrong? How did you treated that? You meant you NEVER have chemo and radiation? That might be the reason of maintaining a strong system?

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hello cricket8282ab,

I don't think you are stage 4 because stage 4 cannot surgery. Mostly stage 1-2 can surgery.

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Stage IV means the cancer has spread to a different location in the body. Could be brain or bones or liver or anywhere.

Best wishes,

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I don't understand how sites like that can promote something as a treatment for cancer and then on the same page say, oops, . . .

"These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and as such shall not be construed as medical advice implied or otherwise. No claims are made with respect to treatment of any physically diseased condition and no attempt is ever made to dissuade individuals from seeking medical treatment for any condition. In addition, this equipment, technology and products have not been evaluated by the FDA, nor are they intended to treat, cure, mitigate, diagnose or prevent any illness or disease."

It does not make much sense to assume there is any significant benefit when they so clearly say they aren't claiming any real medical benefit.

Best hopes,

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You are misinformed.
Surgery is sometimes done on Stage III and also in some cases on Stage IV.
Examples: Brain mets are dealt with and then the main tumor can be operated on. **It depends on the extent of spread.*** Same thing with an adrenal met, it can be successfully dealt with and then the lung tumor is operated on.
I know of one lady with an adrenal met and brain met- she had both taken care of and then went on to a lobectomy. She lived for 12 years and died of a non cancer cause.

Wishing you all the best,

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You are properly right; I read some articles: in some cases cancer grows very slow; when people gets older , the cancer cells get older too, it is not much agressive either, on the opposite , sometimes young people are more likely vulnerable to this . And some treatments might stimulate the cancer grow more fiercely , it is very hard to know for us. While doctor always encourage to do some treatment for the tumor , at least can not sit and watch doing nothing.
So conservative method might not be as bad in some situations?

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I see a not insignificant number of folks on internet who say they are or were Stage 4, and then say they had radiation and surgery. Makes you wonder if you are getting a straight report or what the whole story is.

However, when spread from a primary chest tumor mets to just adrenal, Stage 4, that is now being recognized to be a stage 4 with possibility of chemo, radiation, surgery and/or ablation, and even a possible cure. I know a man with that presentation who is now an 8 year survivor with chemo, surgery, radiation and ablation. He paid his dues for his survival.

But I have also read folks who state that they had met to other lung, a separate organ, and say radiation and surgery, and that is not possible, or least the existing protocols prevent that treatment. If it is both lungs, hard to imagine lung radiation or a lobectomy unless you also have gills.

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Surgery or radiation during Stage IV is definitely done, but with local control intent, not curative intent, unless all the other cancer is NED or expected to be. It's can be a very good approach for dealing with a 'front runner' problem or isolated drug resistance.

The surgery that is pointless is surgery intended to cure when cure is not possible. That kind of surgery can significantly lower one's odds of surviving 5 years and accelerates how quickly one might be in distress.

Best hopes,

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Good to see people thinking outside of the box...
Just my 2 cents on the surgery question and "protocols"... If you go to 5 different oncology teams you will likely get 5 differing approaches depending many variables.
In one top hospital they would not do surgery on me because that's what they teach in medical school.
However, another oncology team said that the reason they don't do surgery is that the majority of people who get later stage LC are in their 70's and do not fair well after surgery and this is not the case with younger people, so surgery was an option.
Additionally, my surgeon said that often times they do surgery on a Stage I and during surgery find out that the person is Stage 3 or 4. He said that they still complete the surgery to remove primary tumor and these people have better outcomes.

Spoke to another oncologist the other day about my NOT following the "STANDARD LEVEL OF CARE" laid out to me by the first 2 oncology teams...
After going back and forth, saying that no one choice is WRONG or RIGHT...
The doctor relented and said, "I would do what you did if it happened to me." Also admitted that docs are limited by what the hospitals each doctor work for, provides.
So if a doctor works for a hospital that doesn't provide Rapid Arc Radiation, she or he CANNOT recommend that for you.

I repeat, we asked an oncologist at a top tier hospital if there were any clinical trials for my stage lung cancer...
He flat out said, "No there are no clinical trials for your stage."
However what he REALLY MEANT, was
"There are no clinical trials at MY HOSPITAL." This was early on, when I was still naive about this whole MEDICAL MACHINE.
Turns out there were clinical trials going on plenty of OTHER PLACES, but the idea is to keep YOUR INSURANCE DOLLARS COMING INTO THEIR INSTITUTION,
Not always to save your life.
Buyer Beware.
Remember we are customers and they are working for us.
Let the Spirit Move You.

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Excellent comments. But I would like to know, given your successful drive to get "outside the box" treatment, did you have both lungs involved? I've been trying to sort this out - ie, so many posters say Stage IV cancer with mets to here, to there, but never mention if they had met to other lung from where the lung in which primary appeared.

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Hi Slimesnake (great name),
I had 3 metastatic tumors (lymph node involvement) in my chest, one large enough to cause chest pain and heart palpitations which brought me to hospital for the 2nd time. Previous year, bloody cough, unexplained anemia... missed tumor on chest x-ray. Ooops (incompetent radiologist)... This is one of the many reasons I don't just take a doctors word for it when they suggest some treatment that is going to affect my life or quality of life.

Doctors are not GOD. Many of them are like mechanics (it's hard to find a great one that you can trust) and have much less understanding of LC treatment options than some of the lay people on this site. Let's face it, they all don't graduate at the top of the class.

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Dear SS,
My husband had multiple tumors in both lungs when he was diagnosed in Feb. '09. The doctors were surprised, and said he had two primaries - one in each lung. His response, which I will never forget was, "I like to be thorough." Surgery or radiation to either lung was deemed "impossible." He was given a very poor prognosis by all three oncologists, sorry, 4 or 5 that he saw.

Marten also had mets to the lymph, adrenal - about 13 in all - and one in the frontal lobe of the brain which was treated successfully with gamma knife. He was given 6-12 months to live, with chemo a few more.

Radiation was done to the lymph and adrenal when it got to 10 cm, and the pain became so severe. But Marten was fairly healthy until the last six months doing just his alternative diet and no chemo, and lived 18 months. I feel wherever surgery or targeted radiation is possible, do it. Hope this helps...

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Seraphine..how true...I had a lower left lung tumor with 7 nodes in the chest...protocol is not to do surgery when classification is a B...i was 3b...in great health...and shape...
Was told chemo and radiation would do the trick..which it did...but nobody talks or metas....that i learned here from you fabulous people...had one to the brain..had surgery..no big deal at all...cyber the tumor bed to make sure the sob was really dead..now another has poppped up on frontal area...not a great place cause its on the rim...and the fear of CA seeds spreading into spinal fluid...so having a spinal mri monday...( I declined a spinal tap...totally freaks me out unless they put me to sleep)...dr feels i dont have Leptomeningeal carcinomatosis but want to make sure...i'm totally system free...that scares the begeezes out of me....kinda makes it the end of the road...
As much as I respect my drs...I still know I have to be my own advocate....spinal tap to just make sure?? i dont think so..not when there are other non invasive ways to check...
being conservative is fine..but not over reactive either...

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thanks for your reply. Marten sounds like quite a man, and I would have liked to know him. All the best to you.

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Read The China Study...shows years of studies showing how foods cause our illnesses...and food can also reverse many...with cancer, eating as they show, builds the immune system..which is what will heal you...

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i'm not stage 4 and had metas....its more size of the tumors then if its spread or not...
I had lower left lung tumor..and 7 nodes in right chest...3b....not 4 anything...thank goodness...

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