Milk and Cancer - good or bad?

Hi everyone,
I have been reading up on nutrition whilst being a cancer patient, and being treated, and read conflicting views on cancer and milk, and milk makes mucus.. iwas wondering if anyone had any thoughts/views/info on the topic???
Thanks so much!

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I gave up all dairy since having cancer, apparently it produces mucus which is bad for cancer patients.
I thought i would miss it but i really dont.
Susie x

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thanks Susie. this is another confusing one.. i have read before it produces mucus which is bad for cancer, but as Mum was losing weight they have got her on these protein shakes which are milk based!
Does anyone, if they agree milk and musus can be bad, recommend a particular protein shake or powder that helped them.
It's such a web of conflicting recommendations sometimes, i get confused! You want so badly to be helping your loved one do all the 'right' things!

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Hi, I was told to avoid all dairy products because milk, etc given to babies, ie:promote growth (like sugar).
I have used rice milk instead for breakfast muesli ect. and any drink.
I also use coconut milk for cooking, instead of cream, it is very nice.
Unfortunately there is not substitute for cheese (I am french!)
Good luck

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I have stage 4 nsclc and when I was going through the weight loss stage I drank milkshakes because that was the only thing that made me feel better since solid stuff upset my stomach. It didn't cause any problems. However, I also take Mucinex 1200/60 twice a day on advice of my primary care doctor to minimize the mucous. It's over the counter. Hope this helps.

God Bless

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According to some cow dairy is not good for assorted reasons separate from the mucus issue which is only a problem if it happens to you. I use small amounts of goat milk, goat yogurt and goat cheese. Soft tofu can partially substitute for milk and or yogurt in cereal such as oatmeal. Coconut seems a good idea too. Such things as Boost and Insure are very high in sugar (look at the number of grams on the label) so I avoided them.
Whey powder is used by body builders to build muscle (and by cancer survivors). 4 TBS is the recommended dose. It buries well in warm cereal such as oatmeal along with a lot of other stuff including flax meal.

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I also had read/heard milk is not good for a lung cancer patient. Milk does produce mucus....that's what cancer thrives on to grow. To me, it's worth not taking a chance in helping the cancer. My mom and I agreed that a little milk on her cereal in the morning is probably ok, but not to drink glasses of it. She drinks Protein shakes.

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I use soy milk as a substitute. I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor. I don't drink it by itself but oin cereal, smoothies, etc. I really like it.

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