Melaleuca Oil for Bone Mets


My father, 65 years old, having small cell lung cancer with bone mets diagnosed last April, is now complaining of the pain on his left arm going up his shoulder and neck and back. We suspect this is because of the bone mets.

Having read the experience of the late Anne Frahm in her book 'Cancer Battle Plan', we are now giving my father some 3 drops of melaleuca oil, also known as the Australian Tea Tree Oil, 3 times a day.

Anyone have experience using this oil for bone mets? We need to know how long we should do this as the oil is known to have severe side effects when taken orally.

Awaiting your feedback.


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How did you hear about using this for brain mets? I looked this up in alternitive medicine and it said not to be taken internally, even small doses, can cause impaired immune function, diarrhea, sleepiness, confusion, vomiting and possible coma.
I would be concerned with the side effects using this stuff.

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I couldn't find any medical evidence that Melaleuca Oil is good for anything when taken internally, but it is, of course, poisonous when taken internally. Here's a case.

Melaleuca Oil Poisoning

Authors: Matthew R. Jacobs a; Carl S. Hornfeldt a
Affiliation: a Hennepin Regional Poison Center Hennepin County Medical Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
DOI: 10.3109/15563659409011050
Publication Frequency: 10 issues per year
Published in: Clinical Toxicology, Volume 32, Issue 4 July 1994 , pages 461 - 464
Subject: Clinical Toxicology;
Formats available: PDF (English)
Previously published as: Journal of Toxicology: Clinical Toxicology (0731-3810) until 2005
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A 23-month-old boy became confused and was unable to walk thirty minutes after ingesting less than 10 mL of T36-C7, a commercial product containing 100% melaleuca oil. The child was referred to a nearby hospital. His condition improved and he was asymptomatic within 5 hours of ingestion. He was discharged to home the following day. Melaleuca oil, extracted from the Melaleuca alternifolia, contains 50-60% terpenes and related alcohols. Clinical experience with products containing melaleuca oil is limited. This case report suggests that ingestion of a modest amount of a concentrated form of this oil may produce signs of toxicity.
Keywords: melaleuca oil; melaleuca alternifolia; tea tree oil; poisoning

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I don't know about the other, but I do know that Tea Tree Oil is used topically for fungus infections. I would not be taking either one of these internally.

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