Medicare and Tarceva

Social Security Disability has put me on Medicare. I have been looking at Part C and D insurance options. It seems all the plans I have found charge 33% for Tarceva. Has anyone found a plan that covers Tarcava any better than 33%?

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I work at a pharmacy and a patient of mine is on Tarceva and has two different programs that supplement her Medicare Part D coverage. I know one is the "Patient Advocate Program" and the other I am unsure of. There must be information on the web somewhere about these programs. The program sends the money directly to the pharmacy to cover her copay (whatever Medicare does not cover) although there is a limit (a dollar amt) any little bit helps. Hope this helps?

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My Oncologist told me that the drug company would supply the drug for free if I could not afford it...Have a wonderful New Year...BIRDY

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Depends where you live and maybe your affiliations--- PFT insurance costs $700 a year but will supply 60 days mail order for $20.

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I think I just read that Medicare Part D plans will no longer cover oral cancer drugs at all in 2009.

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Look for another supplement to Medicare. Part D is just not worth it. They are always changing the rules, and you never know what you're gonna get/

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You can try these 2 links. I have heard good things about both as far as getting help to cover drug costs..

Also, the Tarceva web site has information about helping to cover the cost of treatment.

I hope these help~


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I have been stage 4 since 04 and have been given several different chemo drugs. Tarceva is my last hope and my supplement (secure horizon) with medicare covers all the Tarceva costs except a $40 copay. My co-insurance costs my wife and I about $ 400 a mo. Sounds expensive but the two of us take several meds. God bless and sure love that fish. chuck darnell.

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