Matt Lauer on Lung Cancer

I was so thrilled to run across this segment while looking for something else. He mentions all the frustrations we discuss here as does Dr. Nancy Snyderman who he speaks with at the end of the segment. I hope some influential people saw it too. Hope the link works.
Linda in CA

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i just watched this and now feel like I need to do something. How can we get more money for cancer???

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We had a commitment from Hillary Clinton, when she was then Senator, to pursue legislation to make lung cancer a priority. I wish I knew, but programs like these are powerful. I believe he does the morning show and we need something in the evening.

Linda in CA

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Wow that was very informative. and he was right about being stigmatized for getting and having lung cancer because of smoking. I think that may be a reason why there is not so much research and funding for lung cancer also. The part that really got to me was when they were in the football stadium, and he said that within the next year lung cancer will have killed that many people.

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Actually, he said that it will kill the number of people in that stadium PLUS another one just like it...

It was a really nice piece. Now we need one of those on every channel every week of the year. Telling our stories is SO important, to everyone that will listen. It sometimes hard to get people to do that with this disease because of the stigma, blame, and even self-blame.

It appears John Atkinson has really made quite the impression on Matt Lauer (thank you, John!). I hope Matt continues to follow this issue. Is John on this discussion group or is there a way to be in touch with him? Does anyone know how he's doing?


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I just watched the piece by Matt Lauer. It was very good. I too, would like to know what we can do to get more funding for lung cancer. I dont even know where to start. I have experienced the smoking stigma myself and it is horrible. Just yesterday on The Doctors, they talked about "thirdhand smoke" and how toxins are embedded in things in your house if you have ever smoked inside. I have a new grandchild and now am freaked out about him getting something toxic from visiting me. Geez, it never ends.

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Thanks for putting me on to this good video.

For myself, today I'm writing a note to Matt Lauer to thank him for the segment. It was well-done and most informative.

If nothing else, don't hesitate to commend celebrities who take a little extra trouble to inform the public about lung cancer.


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Yes John Atkinson is on LCA. I am on Facebook with him as my daughter is a friend of his.....they used to work together. I was so thrilled at the segments that Matt Lauer did.

My head just spins....there are so many things that we could/should do, but it's exhausting and not to know whether the places you contact are the right ones is maddening too.

I was so impressed with the President's speech the other night about finding a cure for cancer. It was good to hear those words. Just hope it is regulated so that anything promising can go through.

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I meant to say that the last I heard John was in the hospital, but was supposed to be home soon. Haven't heard otherwise as yet.

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Thank you for putting that video here. I had seen it when it aired but was grateful to see it again. I too have stage 4 non small lung cancer with mets to my bone in 9 different areas. I am doing well, as I was diagnosed in Dec of 05. I think it's going to take a celebrity to bring this to the fore front. Look at how many celebreties there are with breast cancer and how they tell there stories and get other people to tell theirs. I think John has helped in that regard of his story. He's just an ordinary guy, but very powerful insight because of what he is going through. Just like the rest of us. I too want to write to Matt and thank him. Maybe if we all write a short note to Matt, something will happen. I know in my home town we have a cancer center that is fairly large and I always feel like it is mostly for breast cancer patients. I guess it's because they wear the pink hats and ribbons and the t-shirts. Breast Cancer Awareness is so highly visible in Oct. and really all year around and we all know that, but I didn't know that Nov was Lung Cancer Awareness month! Is there a color for LC A month? I know that with lung cancer people are afraid of the stigma but don't you think if we can get past that and just wear a small colored ribbon or something maybe it would enpower us? we surely deserve to hold our heads up high. Maybe this can be a writing campaign. It would be fun to see what could happen. I love the quote, and I don't know where I saw it, but have used it in my marathon video's,
Never doubt a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world
For it is the only thing that ever has.

God Bless to all

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For all those wanting to do something about lung cancer funding - don't reinvent the wheel! Lung Cancer Alliance is the place for you and your energy. Go to the website You will see all LCA is doing and ways you can help.

Also for those of you in CA, there is a VERY active LCA-CA group that really needs your help. There are some critical research funding issues going on and your voice is vital. Send an email to jgranzella@lungcanceralliance and ask her to add your name to the LCA-CA email list. Also let her know if there are specific ways you would like to help.

EVERYONE can help in some way - whether it is writing a letter, sending an email, making a phone call, or with financial support, no matter the size. Those that wish to be more involved, LCA has a place for you!

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